We want everyone who is considering purchasing a diamond or piece of fine jewelry to be able to recognize quality when they see it and understand effective buying strategies so he or she can get the most value for their money. We hope that this guide will serve you well and answer all of your questions, but since Ziva Jewels is also committed to providing personalized service, we invite you to contact us to answer your more in-depth questions. We also invite you to visit our blog where we provide more valuable information about gemstones, fine jewelry and diamonds.


Clarity | Color | Carat | Cut | Certification

Ziva Jewels only carries GIA certified diamonds above an SI2 clarity grading, meaning all inclusions are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. Every diamond in our selection is hand-chosen and carefully inspected so that even if the buyer was going to choose a diamond at random, the stone would still be of exceptional quality. Learn more



At Ziva Jewels, we believe that the best metals for crafting beautifully designed and intricately decorated jewelry is platinum and gold. For this reason, those are the only two metals we work with. Learn more


Gemstones How
Color is Graded

When it comes to gemstones and colored diamonds, a beautiful color dominates over all other desirable qualities including cut and clarity. Depending on what gemstone or color diamond you are buying, there are certain things you must take into consideration. Learn more