About us

Delivering superlative service, exceptional materials, unparalleled craftsmanship and designs ranging from contemporary to the classic and even custom, Ziva is the only name you need to know in fine jewelry.

Ziva is Top American Jewelry Designer

Established in 1985, Ziva Jewels is an American jewelry designer that emphasizes quality, craftsmanship and ethics in every stunning piece. At Ziva, we recognize that sparkling diamonds, glittering gemstones and fine metals can commemorate life’s most precious moments. As a result, we believe offering an unparalleled collection of fine jewelry and a superior buying experience is our joy and responsibility. When you browse our online boutique or discover our designs at any of our affiliated retailers, we believe you will find an ideal synthesis of luxury, value, conscience and style.

Extraordinary materials and sophisticated designs, however, are only the beginning. Come get to know us a little better, and you will see why Ziva Jewels is the best place to find the latest styles, one-of-a-kind items, vintage-inspired pieces and so much more. After all, your next ring, bracelet or necklace should be as unique and unforgettable as you. For more information about our company or to discover how you can create custom-made jewelry from an idea, contact us today.

Quality of Product
When you buy one of Ziva’s designs, you can be confident we have combed the world in search of the best quality precious gems. Once acquired, raw stones of every size, shape and type will be lovingly honed to an expert cut and finish by our hand picked, extensively trained jewelry designers located right here in the United States. We ensure the local environment in which our designs are developed includes state-of-the-art equipment and the safest facilities possible. Without quality control, we cannot expect to create a quality product, nor could we be proud to offer them to you.
Unsurpassed Selection
Principles are essential, but so is the beauty of our jewelry collection. As engagement ring designers, we recognize that a ring that will be worn for a lifetime must catch the eye as well as the heart. To succeed, we invest as much consideration and thoughtfulness into our expansive selection as we do our humanitarian efforts. The result is a comprehensive assemblage of the finest jewelry available. In addition to classic and antique style engagement rings, we also have a broad range of categories from which to choose, including both modern and vintage jewelry. To learn more about our available products, please browse the navigation bar located at the top of the screen.
Essential Elements of Superior Fine Jewelry
Not all diamonds or jewelry designers are created equal, and much more goes into selecting our gemstones than the traditional four C’s. Quality, Integrity and Selection are the essential elements that set us apart, and your complete satisfaction is our end goal.
Integrity and Social Responsibility
While our jewelry is fashioned here in the U.S. the gems arrive from all over the world, and we believe we have a social responsibility to obtain materials from regions where people are treated with the same respect that we share with our design and manufacturing team. Ethically sourced, conflict-free gemstones are a cornerstone of our philosophy, and we want you to enjoy your diamond engagement ring, wedding anniversary ring and other precious gemstone jewelry without guilt. Value is more than a number for us, and we believe our conscience guides us toward greater success. Furthermore, we pay it forward by donating a portion of our sales to a nationally recognized charitable foundation.
Lifetime Product Warranty

Promises are only as solid as the warranty that backs them up, and we stand firmly behind every piece of jewelry designed and sold under our name. Ziva Jewels stands for quality and service, and we offer a lifetime product warranty on every one of our designs. When you select an item online, view the piece in store and decide to make the ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet a part of your collection, we want you to feel confident the jewel will outlast time. Our nationwide network of affiliated jewelry stores offer their ongoing support and service long after the purchase is complete.

We encourage you to browse our website to find the piece or pieces of jewelry that capture your heart. If you have additional questions about our selection, philosophy or lifetime product warranty, or if you like to find out how we can improve your fine jewelry buying experience, please contact us today.