Every diamond in our selection is hand-chosen and carefully inspected so that even if the buyer was going to choose a diamond at random, the stone would still be of exceptional quality. Ziva Jewels only carries GIA certified diamonds above an SI2 clarity grading, meaning all inclusions are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. We believe that diamond brilliance is critical so all of our diamonds are cut good or better, ensuring that your stone will not leak light, but reflect it beautifully.


Diamond cut is the most important of the four C’s. When purchasing a diamond, it is wise to devote the majority of your budget to the best cut you can afford since cut directly influences a diamond’s appearance. Learn more

After diamond cut, the second most important of the four C’s is color. D-F is an ideal color grade but G-H is still considered colorless. I-K have very faint yellow tones that can be masked in a number of ways.



Diamond clarity is rated on a scale that goes from FL to I3 and is based on the presence of microscopic inclusions. FL stands for flawless and designates a diamond free of inclusions. Learn more

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond; however, carat weight does not accurately convey size. Sometimes a diamond may appear larger when viewed from the top compared to a diamond of the same carat weight. Learn more



Certification is so pivotal when purchasing a diamond because it accurately and objectively conveys the true qualities of the diamond.