Engagement Ring Give-Away Contests

Starting January 5th 2015, Ziva will begin holding engagement ring give-away contests twice a year. Winners receive a custom made wedding ring valued up to $2000 from a sponsoring Ziva retailer whose information will be posted on our Facebook page.

Contest Subject

Describe in 30 words or less your ultimate proposal setting and what makes it special?

To Enter

1: Locate your favorite ring from our Engagement Ring Collections.

2: On ring’s description page, click on Email icon and send your entry to Admin at [email protected]. If you like to keep your name private, provide us with a fictitious name to use instead. Entries are posted on our Facebook page at end of Submission periods.

3: Then, click on Facebook icon and share the ring with all your friends. Make sure to ask them to visit our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/ZivaJewels during voting period, ‘Like’ our page and vote for your entry.

4: Lastly, visit and ‘Like’ our Facebook page, so you will receive updates on status of your entry.

Submission & Voting Periods

1st Contest
Entry: January 5th thru 18th
Voting: January 19th thru 25th

2nd Contest
Entry: July 6th thru 19th
Voting: July 20th thru 26th

Terms & Conditions

  • One entry per contest period
  • Awards can’t be redeemed in cash
  • Winners are determined based on number of votes their entry receives
  • Winning couples must attend sponsoring retailer’s store to redeem their award
  • Ring ordered may be an existing Ziva style or a modified version based on your ideas

We can’t wait to read your amazing ideas and provide this gift to a wonderful couple.