Unique Wedding Rings & Antique Style Jewelry: Ziva Jewels

Designer Engagement Rings by Ziva Jewels

  • Distinct Vintage Engagement Rings: Sparkling with timeless beauty, our antique-style wedding rings feature elements from Art-Deco, Edwardian and Victorian jewelry eras.
  • Exceptional Halo Diamond Rings: Our stunning pave diamond halos encircle a wide variety of gemstone sizes and shapes for a dramatic and dazzling appearance.
  • Luminous Sapphire Wedding Rings: Elegant sapphires were beloved by royalty and sought after by all, they add luxury to every bride and groom's special moment.
  • Stylish Rose Gold Bridal Rings: Soft and feminine with its flattering hue, pink gold adds classic beauty to a piece of jewelry that will be worn forever.

Unique Diamond Bridal Rings with Band

  • Exquisite Oval: One of the most requested diamond shapes,oval cut stones have a feminine curve and flattering angles that look beautiful on all women hands.
  • Distinctive Cushion Cut: Rounded edges and convex sides are the unique hallmarks of cushion cut diamond rings, popular with brides who love vintage style rings.
  • Stunning Princess Cut: She will feel royalty when slips a princess cut diamond ring upon her finger, whether adorned with accent stones or in a solitaire setting.
  • Glamorous Emerald Cut: With gleaming angles that flash rather than sparkle, emerald cut diamond rings make the wearer feel powerful and appear confident.

Special Occasion Diamond Band Rings

  • Vintage Wide Band Rings: Commemorate the special moments and unforgettable memories that have built a lasting relationship with one of our gorgeous rings.
  • Outstanding Eternity Rings: Wrapped in an endless loop of glittering diamonds, eternity bands signify a love unbroken by age, experience or distance.
  • Traditional Wedding Anniversary Bands: Classic Diamond wedding bands & anniversary rings are an excellent choice to show love becomes deeper with time.

Precious Colored Gemstones Jewelry

  • Vibrant Ruby: Explore our ruby rings with their fiery, passionate and playful appeal. We also offer ruby necklaces, earrings and bracelets in array of styles.
  • Royal Sapphire: Placed atop a ring, bracelet or pendant, the alluring spectrum of blue shades available from the sapphire gemstone is forever mesmerizing.
  • Regal Emerald: Majestic and transfixing, emerald rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are hard to resist. Improve your collection with a splash of green.

Vintage, Classic & Fashion Diamond Earrings

  • Ageless Antique Design: We put a spin on the most popular jewelry item among women with our vintage diamond earrings inspired by glamorous eras of the past.
  • Striking Hoops & Drops: Watch the light spray and dance as it hits the diamonds dripping from our hoop and drop style earrings, designed for maximum impact.

Glamorous Diamond Necklaces

  • Everlasting Vintage Diamond Necklaces: Lovely and versatile, they offer more intrigue than similar models and flatter the neckline of all wearers.
  • Dazzling Tennis & Choker Necklaces: Slim and sensual, these jewels highlight one of the most beautiful features on a woman, adding sparkle to every head turn.

Magnificent Diamond Bracelets

  • Chic Diamond Bangles: Add elegance to your everyday with one or several stylish diamond bangle bracelets that catch the light as the wearer gestures, works or walks.
  • Glorious Art-Deco Diamond Bracelets: Colorful and fun, antique-inspired bracelets add a playful quality to an ensemble and look beautiful alone or stacked.

Fine Jewelry in the News

Admiring the beauty of expertly designed jewelry is something we all enjoy, but a London jeweler has found a new and surprising way to showcase the company stock. Using Instagram, models are shown visiting popular locations around the world, including the Eiffel Tower and Manhattan, while holding up their hands adorned with the latest trends in diamonds and gemstones. These memorable images make viewers eager to buy the sparkling designs and to travel the world. Let’s go!