Is diamond fluorescence good or bad?

Diamond fluorescence affects diamonds so subtly that it is widely ignored. At Ziva we recommend choosing a diamond without fluorescence; however, out of all of the undesirable diamond characteristics, diamond fluorescence is one of the least important. Some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world are fluorescent including the Blue Hope Diamond that fluoresces an eerie red. We recommend devoting the majority of your budget to a diamond that has an excellent cutCut is one of the 4 C’s and refers to the proper balance of proportions. If the facets are lined up correctly and at the proper angles, light will enter the diamond and be dispersed. If a diamond is cut too deep or too shallow it will leak light and not be as brilliant. and color.

There is one exception when it comes to fluorescence. In cases where the diamond has a lower color grading, a strong blue fluorescence could counteract the subtle yellow tones. It is highly recommended that you examine a diamond in different kinds of light to see if the diamond exhibits any obvious color changes no matter what the fluorescence or color of the diamond.