Preferences among jewelry buyers used to lie with white diamonds of unimpeachable clarity, but tastes have changed, and modern shoppers embrace the yellow hues that many diamonds naturally reveal. Yellow diamond rings have a deeply luxurious appeal, as the richer lemon yellows appear as golden as King Midas’ touch. Paired with white diamonds or set alone on a white or platinum band, yellow canary diamond rings have an effervescence that lends itself to gift giving. Vintage yellow diamond rings are excellent choice for extraordinary and expensive gifts. The cheery color and confident style of the stone begs for a place on the right hand as much as the left, and any ring boasting a vivacious yellow gemstone is likely to suit as a birthday, holiday or anniversary gift very well. The angular edges and facets of princess, Cushion and radiant cuts suit the bold look of yellow diamonds, though any of the fancy cuts play well with this confident jewel.
Center Diamond
  1. Oval (1)
  2. Cushion (3)
  3. Radiant (3)