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Since 1985, our passion and goal has been to create superior quality jewels that signify your love and special moments like no other.

Create your own engagement ring by selecting a ring from our engagement ring collections (Halo, Vintage, Signature, Engraved, Gemstone, Yellow Diamond, Three-Stone, Solitaire and Rose Gold) and adding a GIA certified center diamond.

For your wedding anniversary and other special occasions, our unparalleled selections of Diamond Rings, Anniversary Rings, Gemstone Rings, Diamond Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets in vintage and classic designs ensure that you can count on us to provide that special jewel, every time you are shopping for one. And in case you want an item custom made, place a quote request on our Custom Orders page.

Why Buy Jewelry Made by ZIVA?

Superior Jewelry by Design

Design is the first step in making a quality product and the foundation that ensures spectacular quality and ever lasting value. Superiority in design is achieved through multiple rounds of enhancements until perfection is achieved, thus attaining maximum beauty, durability and comfort in every item we manufacture.

Most Convenient & Confident Way to Buy Jewelry

Conveniently high tech yet charmingly old-fashioned, we provide the ideal shopping experience for the person who wants the best of both worlds.

Browse through our site and locate the item you are seriously considering to buy. On Item Description page of the item click on I'M READY TO BUY button, then select and submit your buy-request to a ZIVA Affiliated or Approved retailer near you. Selected jeweler will contact you promptly with information on the item's availability and best price, so you schedule an appointment to try-on the item and buy.

Besides our Lifetime Product Warranty, our products are backed and serviced by a large network of professional jewelers nationwide who provide the assurance in quality and the superb personal service you look for when buying fine jewelry, and are always close-by and ready to offer their excellent service long after a transaction has been completed.

Made in the USA

Our products are manufactured exclusively in the US at our Los Angeles headquarters. This focus on homegrown manufacturing allows us to ensure proper working conditions and strict quality oversight during manufacturing process.

Our commitment to manufacturing in the US also strengthens our community by creating manufacturing jobs right here in the US. Purchasing a gorgeous piece of jewelry shouldn't be an ethical dilemma. By crafting our high-quality pieces in our own facility, we can guarantee ethical practices as well as fast and reliable service.

Delivering superlative service, exceptional materials, unparalleled craftsmanship and designs ranging from contemporary to the classic and even custom, Ziva is the only name you need to know in fine jewelry.

A Company Built on Quality, Value & Conscience

Use of finest materials and workmanship plus stringent quality control measures make sure that every product turns out perfect, regardless of its price.

Buying diamonds direct and manufacturing our jewelry in the U.S. enable us to offer superior quality products at exceptional values.

We use only conflict-free diamonds and donate a portion of our sales to charity. Read more about this on our Social Responsibility page.

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