Cool and calming, the transfixing ocean blue of sapphire jewelry is instantly recognizable with its regal history and elegant, not boastful, style. Available in a breathtaking array of shades, from pale aqua to inky indigo, sapphires also famously come in other hues, including pink, yellow, violet and even black. No matter the color, sapphires all offer assertive beauty that is thoroughly timeless. Though sapphire rings are the most popular style of late, sapphire earrings and necklaces provide a similar appeal while flattering the neckline and facial features of the wearer. Sapphire and diamond bracelets combine two of the most desirable gemstones in existence for a multifaceted effect that beguiles both genders. Mysterious yet familiar, luxurious yet accessible, sapphires are the perfect versatile choice for every occasion, from teen birthdays to golden anniversaries.