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Ruby bracelets bewitch shoppers with their passionate appearance and majestic origins. Worn by kings, queens and powerful people from their first use, rubies evoke an emotional response that no one can deny. The red tones naturally awaken a romantic sensation, thus a ruby bracelet is a common lover’s gift for an anniversary or birthday. A ruby tennis bracelet is chief among the bracelet styles, utilizing a uniform row of tightly spaced rubies and diamonds, which creates a simple geometric pattern that emphasizes the qualities of the stones and flashes with every movement. Flexible and delicate, it is the fitted opposite to the ruby bangle bracelet, which is solid, over sized and generally stacked with several other complementary bangles. Vintage ruby and diamond bracelets best showcase both stones, with the colorless diamond boosting the subtle inner shadows within the ruby. Rubies pair well with many metals, including white, yellow and rose gold, as well as platinum.