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Mystifying, bewitching and dusky hued, the emerald necklace instantly commands attention from the soft curvaceous throne of a woman’s décolletage. Paired with diamonds in an ornate vintage choker or pared down in a subtly glamorous solitaire pendant, emerald necklaces are breathtaking and powerful jewels every confident woman should own. A clean, minimalist emerald pendant is one of the most beloved styles for an every day look that elevates any ensemble. A more extravagant necklace utilizes the highlighting effect of crystal clear diamonds, both small and large, to showcase emeralds’ mesmerizing color. Vintage necklaces are not only highly ornamental and decorative, but they also tend to incorporate several stones within the design for an unforgettably dramatic result. Modern pieces opt for the clean look of white gold or platinum, while antique items adopt yellow gold as regularly as white.