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Emerald gemstones are confident and powerful stones; they symbolize hope, love and faithfulness, attributes every relationship should claim. An emerald bracelet makes an excellent gift for a birthday, anniversary or holidays, as it imbues the receiver with fortune and luck. Typically set in white or yellow gold, there are several popular styles of emerald bracelets, chief among them is the emerald bangle bracelet. Bangles, when stacked with complementary bracelets, become impressively glamorous, dramatic and thrilling, regardless of the outfit or occasion. Emerald tennis bracelets are another favorite. More flexible than bangles, they hug the curves of the wrist and flash brilliantly with every movement. The stones are tightly spaced, often with diamonds inserted in between. Antique style diamond and emerald bracelet serves to enhance both stones, with the emeralds gaining depth and the diamonds gaining sparkle. Modern pieces opt for white gold or platinum, but vintage items love yellow gold for its warm, opulent impression.