Vintage engagement rings feature the glamorous styling of eras long past. Victorian, Edwardian and Art-Deco wedding rings are enjoying resurgence in popularity due to their uniquely enchanting and often colorful designs that use a combination of brilliant diamonds and kaleidoscopic gemstones. Both authentic vintage and antique-inspired diamond rings are common, but original antique wedding rings aren't considered truly vintage until they reach at least 50 years of age. Part of the allure of antique engagement rings is their intricately designed wedding bands and architectural settings. Vintage diamond rings emphasize elaborate designs over stone size, and most feature several gems rather than a single solitaire. Art-Deco rings offer the greatest opportunity for variegated color, but Victorian and Edwardian pieces have slightly more understated elegance, with a concentration on motifs like flowers and hearts. All three classifications offer new couples a continuing story of romance, from the past to the present and beyond.
Center Diamond
  1. Oval (6)
  2. Pear (2)
  3. Round (20)
  4. Cushion (3)
  5. Radiant (3)
  6. Princess (6)
  7. Asscher (2)
  8. Emerald (5)
  9. Marquise (5)