Diamonds are meant to catch light and reflect breathtaking fire and brilliance, which is simple when they move and dance through the air. Diamond bracelets refract light with every turn of the wrist or lift of the arm, resulting in an explosive display of kaleidoscopic colors. Without exception, these bangles heighten elegance and drama with every gesture, and there is a multitude of styles from which to choose. Whether delicate and dainty or bold and extravagant, diamond bracelets are an essential element to every jewelry box, and highly desirable as gifts. Though there are several styles of bracelets, tennis and bangle bracelets are among the most sought. Tennis designs specialize in a firm row of tightly spaced diamonds, usually round brilliant or princess cut, which closely circle the wrist. Bangles, however, are worn loosely, and may feature one prominent stone or a collection of colorful gems in a distinctive design or motif.

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