2011 Spring Jewelry Trend: Pink Gold

Pantone just named Honeysuckle the color for spring and summer 2011. Honeysuckle does sound like it would be the name of a bright yellow lily, doesn’t it? But it is actually a dull almost coral hot pink that has inspired runway fashion and even high end jewelry. Rose gold, also known as pink gold is less commonly used metal that when used, can give a piece of jewelry a rather unique personality. Find out if the trend is right for you…

Rose Gold Diamond and Pink Sapphire Eternity BandThe Different Colors of Gold

The only naturally occuring color for gold is yellow. All other colors including white gold and rose gold are created by combining certain other metals with the gold. For pink gold copper is used. The amount of copper will determine whether the final product will be a pale pink like the tourmaline ring below or a pink with a bit of a tan, like the wedding band further below.
Rose Gold Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

One of the most beautiful benefits of┬árose gold rings is they have the ability to blend with a person’s skin color if the shade of the gold matches the person’s skin tone. This allows the gold to melt away and disappear, highlighting the diamonds, making them appear as if they are being magically suspended.

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Pink Gold Diamond Wedding Band

Choosing Pink Gold for an Antique Look

Another appealing quality of rose gold is the antique feel it gives a piece of jewelry. Rose gold was popular during the Victorian era and experienced a revival in the retro era during World War II. If you choose a Victorian or retro reproduction ring style, getting the ring in rose gold would make it seem authentic.

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Pink Gold Diamond Bangle
Since pink gold is available in so many shades, getting a pink gold wedding band to match a pink gold engagement ring can get a little tricky. You best options are to either buy them together or send your engagement ring to your jeweler so they can create an exact match. ZIVA does custom jewelry orders if you need help creating a matching band in the same shade of rose gold.

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