Vintage Engagement Rings Illustrated

When you agree to marry someone, you are promising to love that person for eternity. Why not choose a ring that symbolizes this everlasting devotion? Vintage engagement rings have remained beautiful for decades or even centuries, and there is a wide range of antique styles from which to choose. Some models are elegantly ornate and others are more minimalist, so no matter your preferences there’s a look for you. Ziva Jewels can help you find the types that suit your unique tastes while also highlighting your enduring commitment. Learn more about the different vintage engagement ring eras here, and contact us to discover more.


Art Deco Rings


Known for its colorful, multi-stone settings, Art Deco engagement rings typically utilize several different types of fancy gemstones in smaller sizes to create dazzling geometric designs. The Art Deco era spanned the 1920s to the 1930s and brings to mind flapper dancers and prohibition-era gangsters. This is the time period when the round brilliant diamond was invented, and the many styles incorporate this superior cut in Pave halos and other bolder patterns. You can often find this style when seeking estate diamond rings.


Retro Engagement Rings

5423psFollowing the hey-day of Art Deco jewelry, Retro engagement rings were known for their bold, eye-catching designs. This was the Golden Age of Hollywood, and many women wanted to showcase their individuality and glamour. Diamonds were more common than other gemstones during this period, but the styles were still highly ornamental and creative. You’ll likely find unique metals for the bands in this period, since the depression made gold and platinum harder to source (and afford). Love rose gold? You may enjoy retro engagement rings.


Edwardian Wedding Rings


2645E_8From about 1900 to around 1920 Edwardian-style rings were all the rage. These pieces were characterized by their use of filigree—an elegant, detailed engraving on the setting. In addition to this delicate finery, Edwardian rings also feature a wide range of materials; however, diamonds, pearls and platinum are by far the most common and popular. Highly ornate, the complexity of the designs suited the lacey, feminine look of women’s fashions at the time. Though opulent, Edwardian rings have a versatility that remains stylish to this day.


Victorian Engagement Rings

3397sa_2One of the most popular eras for antique style wedding rings, the Victorian era for engagement rings occurred prior to Edwardian and resulted in a stunning selection of white gold, platinum and diamond rings. Named after Queen Victoria of Britain, the jewelry of this time complemented her changing tastes. Victorian engagement rings can range from romantic and playful to dark and mysterious to whimsical. There are even pieces with Japanese influences. Gold and diamonds take precedent.

If you would like additional information about the many design eras of engagement ring, or if you would like to hear more about how we can customize an antique-style ring to suit your desired outcome, please contact us today.

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Colorful Beauty of Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Rings

When considering what type of gemstone best expresses your love, most people are drawn toward diamonds. However, if you desire something a bit more colorful, unique and eye-catching, sapphires offer a pop of color without sacrificing sophistication or glamour. Sapphires come in a wide range of colors as well. Even if blue isn’t the hue you’d choose, a sapphire can provide the beauty you want most in nearly any shade you favor. At Ziva Jewels, we can customize the sapphire engagement ring you’ve been dreaming of. Let us show you just how stunning sapphire can be.

Blue Sapphires


The most famous color for sapphires, blue is classic. But the options don’t end there. There is a broad range of tones, from light to dark, and some are more widely available than others. The most commonly sought after will be in the deeper, darker end of the spectrum. However, most people love a stone with crisp, dazzling color. Blue stones look particularly elegant paired with diamonds in a vintage sapphire engagement ring setting.

Pink Sapphires


Feminine and fun, pink sapphires are full of light and blend well with nearly any type of setting, vintage, contemporary or modern. However, you may prefer to showcase this surprising choice as a solitary stone. If the color is softer, a larger stone or multiple stones (of any type and color) can be utilized without appearing gratuitous. Nearly as versatile as a diamond, the pink sapphire adds a naturally romantic feel to a gemstone engagement ring.

Yellow Sapphires

2928sae_2Let others moon over canary yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires are just as stunning, sunny and cheery, and they’re often more affordable. Yellow sapphires double down on elegance and—as with the blue tone—come in a range of brilliance. Bold, golden color should standalone or join forces with diamonds in sapphire accent diamond rings. Softer, subtler pale lemonade hues play better with other colors and look particularly appealing set in vintage or minimalist setting (we love the bezel mounts for these).

Sapphire Accent Rings

2781saDon’t forget that even diamond-forward engagement rings can benefit from a sapphire accent, regardless of the color. Three stone and five-stone rings that feature the cool blue, pink, or yellow hue of sapphires appear elegantly complex and singular. Furthermore, you can carry over your love for sapphires onto your main ring. Sapphire halo wedding rings add a splash of intensity to an otherwise undistinguished set.

Would you love to learn more? Ziva Jewels is ready to help. Contact us today for more information on sapphires and sapphire rings.

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Spring Jewelry Trends That Add Sunshine to Your Wardrobe

The snow is melting, green is starting to peek out from the ground and everyone seems excited about spring arriving. While finally enjoying some more hospitable weather is certainly one reason to celebrate, another benefit of the changing seasons is the opportunity to wear brighter, more eye-catching jewelry pieces and colorful gemstones. There are a lot of options, including earrings, rings, bracelets and pendant of all styles and designs, so to help you narrow down the blossoming selection, Ziva Jewels has chosen five of the most enticing spring jewelry trends for you to try this year.

Gemstone Chandelier and Drop Earrings

8424Y_6Wear your hair up or down, just make sure a gorgeous, dazzling pair of diamond and gemstone swinging earrings will be peeking through the strands. Canary yellow diamonds are ideally suited to the season, and they tend to flatter a wide range of skin tones. Check out our vintage-inspired yellow-diamond drop earrings to see an example of what will be trending this season in fine jewelry, and grab a pair of your own if you want to make every flower in the field jealous.

Diamond Bangle Bracelets

7911_3Layering bracelets will continue to be de rigueur in Spring 2015, so if you haven’t collected a series of these twinkling, clinking accessories, now is the time to invest in some of the best quality ones available. Mix up the look by pairing wider Pave diamond decorated bangles with slimmer and more simply decorated white gold bracelets for a sophisticated, playful and wearable addition to a dressed up romper or maxi dress. This look can be made more affordable by choosing a single luxury item and adding less expensive pieces.

Diamond Rope Necklaces

6322l_1It takes a great deal of confidence to wear layers of diamonds on a strand, but just having those sparkling stones on your neck can instantly elevate your sense of self. Skip the layered necklaces look this season and instead try one long statement-making diamond chain necklace. Y-chains and ropes are both likely to get a lot of time in the sun from April through June, and you can stand out from the crowd by choosing a unique three-stone diamond chain or a rose gold clover necklace.

A combination of high-end and accessible, fancy and fun are this season’s hallmarks. It’s finally time to celebrate life, warmth and longer days and nights, and what better way to usher in the vernal equinox than with sun-loving precious and semi-precious stones? Find all the latest designs at Ziva Jewels, or contact us today to learn more about custom-made jewelry that suits your distinct tastes.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose a Wedding Ring Set

While most women are focused on what style of engagement ring they want, they may not at first consider what type of wedding ring should be paired with their dream ring. If you know that ultimately you’ll select a bridal ring with matching band, it’s in your best interest to consider shopping for a set from the beginning. Bridal or wedding sets offer just as much dazzling beauty as rings purchased separately; however, buying a complementary pair upfront takes the guesswork and frustration out of trying to pair a distinctive design with a suitable mate down the line. Here are a few other great reasons why you should opt for two of a kind.

Effortless Uniformity


No matter how hard you try to match later on, even with a simple ring style there will be difficulty finding a wedding ring that has the same look, feel and precise metal color that appears like they were meant for each other. Bridal sets ensure that the two pieces were designed to always sit together. This innate similarity makes them appear as if they are one piece of jewelry when worn, something that may be next to impossible to accomplish with separate items.

Greater Comfort From the Start


2741W_2Rings rarely sit in the same position on your finger throughout all your regular activities, especially if you’re more productive throughout the day or participate in strenuous exercise or manual labor. With a matching wedding ring set, both rings will at least spin and move together, as they were designed to sit well when slipped on, so you won’t have to constantly adjust each rings location throughout the day. Plus, they may prove particularly uncomfortable if they both bear diamonds that eventually pinch the soft skin between the fingers.

Timeless Style


2454w_2_7Many women are opting for greater distinctiveness with their rings, mixing up metal colors and gemstone shapes on a whim. For some, the more individual each ring is the better. Still, there is nothing more classic or lasting as a matching diamond ring set that is two jewelry pieces become one. The symbolism is obvious, but this look is also instantly recognizable. While the trend may be for mismatched, the fashion that regains popularity year after year is a matching set.


2779e_72777W_239Almost everyone must think about the price point when considering which rings to buy, even if that price point is high. The fact is, wedding ring sets are more affordable than buying each ring separately, which may allow you the financial freedom to buy a slightly larger diamond or more expensive design than if you had chosen to buy the engagement ring and wedding ring separately. For some women, that may be all the reason they need to consider this practical option.

Ultimate Convenience

2889e_32890w_3While it is one of the most exciting purchases in your life, there is still a great deal of stress and headache involved in buying one ring, and if you have to buy two, the difficulty is doubled. Save time, money and sanity by reducing the experience to just one wish-fulfilling moment and you can more quickly enjoy wearing it forever.

Matching, not matching, whatever suits your style and personality is the way to go; however, if you dream of a pair of rings that fit together as well as you and your partner do, wedding ring sets offer an abundance of benefits that are certain to make your dreams come true, as well as save you a bundle.



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The Simple Beauty of European Engagement Rings

Many American brides-to-be dream of how their engagement ring will look once the day of proposal arrives, and the inspiration often comes from celebrity rings or magazines. However, a new trend is emerging that offers abundant selection and an opportunity for a distinctive and singular design. Many women are looking to the designs worn in France, England and other European countries for creative, beautiful and timeless styles that they can wear for a lifetime. The reason they began to notice is due to the simple designs worn in many places around the world. These gorgeous yet demure designs make it possible for people of all budgets to afford a glamorous engagement ring they can adore for eternity.


One of the most common themes across the pond is the predilection for multiple stones and vintage styling. While many Americans dream of a solitaire diamond ring or an oversized three-stone design, many women in Western Europe favor a look with smaller diamonds and colorful stones all collected together for a unique appeal. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds all join together in a playful design that brings a smile to their face every time they look upon it. The late interest in rose gold also boosts the romance and warm tones of the rings.


Smaller stones are often more practical for everyday routines, as well. Having an enormous bauble on the finger can get in the way of being productive, whether that means presenting a project in a meeting, preparing dinner for the family or enjoying an evening run before calling it a day. Smaller, simpler rings have a natural humble beauty, and they rarely interfere with chores or a regular lifestyle. Larger diamonds may have to be removed, and there is always a risk of an engagement ring getting lost once it comes off the finger.


Yellow gold, like rose gold, often is more popular overseas as well. While Americans have almost universally embraced white gold, platinum and similarly light colors for their engagement ring and wedding bands, yellow gold is still relatively popular in other places in the world. By choosing an unusual color, a bride can automatically stand out from the crowd of other women with rings with a memorable style. Furthermore, Europeans seem to favor more ornate designs, delicately created, as the main focus of the ring. Flowers, geometric styling and engraved bands can instantly make up for the diminutive gems.


Every woman deserves the engagement ring of her dreams, but not all women desire the same thing. While many brides wish for dazzlingly large stones and minimalist mounts, others, like the women in Europe, often desire something a bit more ornately designed though limited in luxury, such as smaller stones, colorful gems and elegant engravings, to create a romantic design they can cherish forever. Knowing all the available styles and beloved options from around the world can help any couple better determine the engagement ring that best tells the story of their love.

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Engagement Ring Designs Illustrated: Part Two

Choosing an engagement ring is an involved process that often demands the comparison of numerous designs in order to discover the one that perfectly suits the wearer’s individual tastes and unique relationship. In our last blog post, we listed the first 10 most popular engagement rings and their various impressive details to help shoppers narrow their search. In this post, we’ll detail the appealing qualities of nine more rings. With this collection, we hope our readers can begin to form an idea of their ideal engagement ring. Come find these rings and many more at Ziva Jewels, or design your own everlasting piece of jewelry.

1. Sunshine Yellow Diamonds

2780ye_5Luminous, glowing and delightful, a rare yellow-colored diamond offers a lifetime of happiness in the form of a gemstone. It exudes confidence, and when paired with Pave diamonds and a gorgeous halo quickly becomes an unforgettable item. Yellow diamond engagement rings are eye-catching, certainly, but they also reveal an abundance of personality and optimism, two ideal traits in a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

2. The Symbolic Eternity Band

2864e_8Adored for the beauty of the 360 degrees of sparkle as well as the symbolism behind the design, the diamond eternity band, typically paired with a solitaire stone setting but also available in a variety of styles, is an obvious choice for many brides-to-be. A thin band displays numerous shimmering Pave diamonds in a luxurious but never overwrought display that enhances the featured gemstones.

3. Bezel Setting for Security

2911e_1_2Bezel settings are known for their elevated security first and foremost; they firmly hold the diamond or gemstone and make an excellent choice for women who are particularly active and want a ring that can keep up with their lifestyle. Furthermore, when paired with two-tone yellow and white gold and set with an emerald diamond, the vintage-inspired look of the bezel engagement ring is quickly apparent.

4. Delicate Sparkle With Micro-Pave Diamonds

2802E_8Pave diamonds typically are small to begin with and generally are used as accents on the band or around the central stone on an engagement ring. To stand out and emphasize the feminine shimmer of a ring further, Ziva recommends utilizing micro-Pave diamonds, especially for individuals who prefer a thin band. A micro-pave engagement ring is a bit more demure while still glamorous, and the style effortlessly aids in showcasing the center stone.

5. The Alluring Twist of the Bypass

2880e_1Lusciously wrapping the central diamond in a cocoon of sparkle, the attributes of the bypass engagement ring are clear. The buyer can choose which diamond or gemstone shape to place in the middle; however, nothing looks as stunning as an item that’s equally curvaceous. For instance, a pear-shaped diamond or marquise would look particularly entrancing on this otherwise simple design.

6. Anchor Pave Diamonds in a Channel Setting

2806E_8Set into stunning grooves following the length of the band, a channel set engagement ring can instantly upgrade a standard design to something extra special. The channel securely holds the sparkling mini diamonds and allows the central stone or stones to take the main stage with an elegant accompaniment. This detail benefits active women

7. The Pave Wonderland

2710Eside_3There are numerous ways to incorporate Pave diamonds into an engagement ring, including using them in a halo, in a channel setting or as decoration for an eternity ring. Fans of these bright yet tiny stones should make them the main talking point by employing them on every detail of a ring. A Pave engagement ring features multiple halos and band ornamentation for a one-of-a-kind glittering masterpiece.

8. Cathedral Setting Design

2518Eside_3Known for its eye-catching architectural design, the cathedral engagement ring setting can instantly enhance a solitaire ring by literally lifting the center stone high up on the band and, naturally, the finger. This also creates room beneath the diamond for additional decoration, such as Pave diamonds or a sweet, sentimental engraving.  The layered look is particularly sophisticated, and the form naturally stands out, as it’s a less commonly adopted style.

9. Double the Sparkle With a Double Band

2873e_side_3A split shank band is one wherein the band is a single piece at the bottom and bifurcates at the top, where the setting holds the diamonds or gemstones. A double band engagement ring features two bands, sealed together, like two lovers embarking on a lifetime commitment together. This symbolic style also provides twice the opportunity to add Pave diamonds for enhanced dazzle. Plus, the lofty setting offers a bonus peek-a-boo diamond set into the mount.

There are thousands of different designs for engagement rings, and finding the one that speaks clearly about your unique relationship, personality and preferences often necessitates a thorough exploration of them all. With these popular examples and many more options and styles available online, Ziva hopes to assist in the gratifying search. Love elements from one piece and adore the details of another? Design your own distinctive and singular engagement ring at Ziva Jewels.

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Engagement Ring Designs Illustrated: Part One

Finding the perfect engagement ring, whether as a fantasy pursuit or legitimate errand, requires a great deal of research, often more than the seeker initially realizes. There are numerous popular styles of rings, including diamond, gemstone and vintage designs, and in many cases more than one aspect will catch an individual’s eye. To help narrow down the search to a more manageable selection, Ziva Jewels has compiled 19 beloved varieties of engagement ring, which will be detailed in the following two-part blog post. Carefully single out the ideal combination of elements and design your own, or discover the model that sweeps you off your feet below.

1. The Multi-Stone Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

2885e_4Vintage rings are known for their intricate, ornamental details. A classic example of a vintage engagement ring may include a larger, though not over sized (demure was the name of the game in the Victorian era), central diamond, flanked on either side by a selection of stunning diamonds in other shapes, such as baguette and round. Additional features, including mil-grained edges and a peek-a-boo diamond-studded cathedral setting, are pleasant bonuses.

2. Classic Round Brilliant Diamond in a Shaped Halo

2460e_copy_1It’s easy to elevate the playful beauty of an engagement ring by adding a halo of small Pave diamonds. One of the most popular contemporary styles, the round brilliant engagement ring with halo gives the impression of size without the associated cost, and it offers enhanced sparkle over a classic solitaire. Further impressing the wearer and other viewers, utilizing a square-shaped halo on a round diamond provides a fun, sophisticated geometric look with a timeless style.

3. Oval Diamond Ring With Double Halo

2456e-34_2Should a single halo prove underwhelming, or if the preference for smaller central stones prevails, the double halo engagement ring is an excellent choice. This style has a classic appeal that will hold its beauty for the life of the marriage, and the sparkle of dozens of Pave diamonds is breathtaking. Complete the look with a diamond-bedecked band and a curvaceous oval diamond in the middle for an unforgettable piece.

4. The Split-Shank Diamond Band

2489eside_1A feature that can be paired with a number of setting styles and diamond shapes, the split-shank engagement ring is a subtle but enchanting band design. The metal, yellow, white or rose gold, forks toward the top, where the split then provides purchase for the main stone setting, such as a round brilliant. Often decorated with Pave diamonds, the band instantly enhances small, medium and large-sized single diamonds or multiple stone settings.

5. Braided Diamond Band Ring

2493e-sideCurvaceous and eye-catching, the softly twisting design of the braided band diamond engagement ring is instantly recognizable and immediately adored. The natural feminine look is often enhanced with a dusting of Pave diamonds, which mark the spot where two elements become one. This ring is ideal for sentimental and metaphor-loving partners who love a visual representation of their newly cemented bond.

6. Timeless Three-Stone Ring

2789e_3Flattering on the finger and gorgeous to behold, the three-stone diamond engagement ring is one that women flock to time and again. This beautiful design can feature three-of-a-kind stones or mix-and-match to suit the personality and whimsy of the wearer. Meant to represent the three stages of love and relationships, the past, present and future, this model is another fine choice for lovers seeking a tangible likeness of their shared emotions.

7. Three-Stone Ring With Accent Stones

2757E_16Essentially a five-stone ring, the three-stone engagement ring with baguette accents expands on the beauty of the classic design and adds a luxurious bonus element. Baguette diamonds complement the hard angles of stunning emerald diamonds, which shine like panes of glass, rather than twinkle like round brilliant stones. The effect is mesmerizing and elegant, and this ring can easily be passed on to the next generation with nearly guaranteed appreciation.

8. Modern Rose Gold Single-Stone Ring

2778pe_7Flirty, feminine and effusing a touch of vintage style in a modern setting, the rose gold engagement ring is stunning paired with any stone, but with a large, pear-shaped diamond and Pave halo it offers a breathtaking option that is nearly irresistible. Sweet yet sophisticated, this design most commonly appeals to girly girls; however, even a dyed-in-the-wool tomboy can appreciate how flattering the color is on every skin tone.

9. The Enduring Diamond Solitaire

2844e_1_1The diamond solitaire has survived every fashion fad to remain one of the most requested engagement ring styles across the world. Whether the central stone is large or small, the metal white, yellow or rose gold, the undeniable beauty of this timeless design, like a diamond itself, is forever. The options for customization are nearly endless with regard to metal type and color, as well as stone selection, making the most popular ring unique to every wearer.

2400e10. Engraved Diamond Ring

Not to be confused with the touching sentiments carved into the interior of a band, known as an engraving, an engraved engagement ring is a highly intricate piece of artwork that decorates the exterior sides of a ring. Ziva’s exclusive design is subtle but masterful, and the elegant ornamentation enhances every combination of diamond setting, especially three-stone styles, where the side stones are set slightly lower than the central gem for a more regal effect.

These first 10 items are only the beginning of our comprehensive list of stunning diamond engagement ring designs. Please check back next week to view the second half of our collection of exceptional styles, or visit Ziva Jewels and develop the perfect engagement ring from scratch, using our helpful guide as a reference.

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How to Pair Contemporary and Vintage Fine Jewelry For a Singular Effect

One of the most elegant ways to dress up an outfit, whether for a casual dinner with friends or to celebrate another year of blissful love, is to pair a few distinctive jewelry pieces that have a shared theme. Mixing and matching isn’t a new trend, but it has lately regained popularity. In many cases, women are layering necklaces and rings, generally inexpensive, charming items. While this works well for teens and beach trips, this simple style doesn’t always translate beyond those limited situations. For a more mature, on-trend look that’s still playful, one must mix high and low-end, new and old. Here’s a quick guide on pairing contemporary and vintage jewelry for an instantly glamorous appeal.

Opposites Attract

The key to successful mixing and matching is to find harmony in differences. By maintaining one defining characteristic between all the pieces, one can easily incorporate a wide variety of distinctive elements. For instance, if all the treasures are yellow gold, they can have different styles, shapes and weights. The color ensures that they go together. But it’s possible to extend this further. As long as each jewel shares a commonality with one other piece, they can be highly individual. Try pairing a rose gold, vintage-inspired cross with a rose gold diamonds by the yard necklace and topping them with a bold ruby pendant. The blushing tones hold them all in balance.

Safety in Numbers

8387p_1Stacking like elements is another way to mix contemporary jewelry with the antique-style items that are so beloved in fashion. In this case, there should be no more than two or three different styles of jewelry, and this method plays most victoriously with bangle bracelets, though rings are another potential possibility. Slip on a few simple unadorned modern silver bracelets and adding a handful of classic diamond bangle bracelets. Now, finalize the display with a single standout piece, such as a wide band antique-design diamond bracelet. The collection will prove a showstopper.

Aim High Swing Low

3482_1Naturally, using all high-end fine jewelry offers a breathtaking look, but not everyone can afford to drench themselves in diamonds. In some cases, the occasion or venue doesn’t warrant such embellishment. That’s perfectly fine; simply use the glamorous luxe pieces sparingly for a subtle and classy upgrade to a casual, easy-going ensemble. Keep it simple everywhere but the fingers. Dress them up in charmingly inexpensive silver and gold bands. Stack several on each finger, but on one otherwise bare finger wear, again, a single eye-catching statement trinket, such as a long Art Deco diamond ring. The look is breezy yet unforgettable.

There are many ways to incorporate vintage jewelry pieces into a modern collection, especially with the current appreciation for mix-and-match style and stacking trends. The rules are few and creativity is encouraged. Women everywhere should try their hand at this fun look at least once in a while. For more ideas, see Ziva’s vintage necklaces collection.

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Best Jewelry for a Statement-Making Summer Wedding

In addition to selecting a dress design, choosing a centerpiece and practicing hairstyles, a bride also must take a few moments to consider her wedding jewelry. With most brides planning on walking down the aisle in the summertime, most tend to think opting for a minimalist look with regards to personal decoration is the right choice. However, electing to enhance the overall impression with one statement piece boasting a gorgeous gemstone or several is not only elegant and exciting, but it’s also a way to add one more memorable element to the proceedings. For brides who aren’t bashful and are definitely fashionable, here are a few statement-making gemstone items to consider.


Elegant Earrings

8534EM_6Obviously the hands should remain unadorned, but the ears are the perfect location for some dazzling jewelry. A pair of dangling gemstone earrings can instantly add sophistication to a bridal ensemble if the betrothed is wearing her hair swept up or pulled back. Try to choose a gemstone color that suits the palette of the wedding, and don’t worry if it’s not a spot-on match. Sometimes the best choice is a complementary tone. Think: purple and yellow, orange and blue, red and green. A pair of emerald drop earrings would look stunning next to a bouquet of classic red roses.


Powerful Pendant

8140CT_4_4_2_3_4A deep or unusual neckline begs for a sparkling gemstone suspended upon a chain. The same complementary shade suggestion applies here too, but a matching tone is just as lovely. Choose a necklace style that calls attention but doesn’t detract from the main event: the ring. Keep details to a minimum as much as possible, as they can create a “busy” impression. A cushion cut citrine pendant would reflect the sun’s rays on a gorgeous summer day and help bring out the color of the flowers, dress and groom’s delighted gaze.


Bold Bangle

7464saAny bride who truly desires to make a statement needs to forego the delicate necklaces and shimmering earrings, and instead opt for a glittering, traveling bangle bracelet with numerous gleaming gemstones set alongside classic Pave diamonds. Choose a piece of fine jewelry with the same staying power as the love that’s beginning on this magical day: vintage-style jewelry. An Art-Deco sapphire and diamond bangle bracelet is certainly eye-catching, but it also has a timeless quality that suits the proceedings.

It’s standard procedure for the bride to choose little to no additional ornamentation on the big day, but many women don’t care to be labeled “typical.” For the daring, adventurous and confident women of the world, a wedding is the ideal moment to show off style, grandeur and charm all at once. And what better way to do so than with stunning statement-making gemstone jewelry? Find more dynamic examples at Ziva Jewels.

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Expanding Your Fine Jewelry Collection With Vintage Cocktail Rings

Every piece of jewelry purchased is an opportunity to express one’s passion, and few items do that as elegantly and timelessly as vintage cocktail rings. More playful and ornate than typical engagement rings or anniversary rings, cocktail rings are worn on any finger except, generally, the left-hand ring finger. They’re worn as decoration, statement piece and luxury item, and they make the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Whether worn on a daily basis or brought out for special occasions, these following vintage cocktail rings will elevate any ensemble while increasing the charm of the wearer. Wise shoppers will opt for more than one.


Glamorous Rectangular Art Deco Ring

3482-sideThe purpose of cocktail jewelry is to grab attention, and this beautiful Art-Deco ring certainly does that. While most rings feature a rounded shape with a central stone, this beauty boasts a rectangular bar that’s subtly curved to fit the finger. Rather than a single stone, the Long Art-Deco Diamond Ring has three placed vertically along the design surrounded by dozens of Pave diamonds set into the gold slab. A geometric design further elevates the look. Not for the faint of heart, this show stopper is guaranteed to garner looks and envy.


Rounded Square Art Deco Ring

3371_1A gorgeous cocktail ring doesn’t have to have an odd shape in order to draw gazes toward it. Bold, dazzling and intricately fashioned, the Square Art-Deco Diamond Ring is the companion to the long version, but with a different but still distinctive appeal. The oversized square table tops the ring and demands attention. It features one stunning central stone in a bezel setting and a surrounding abundance of Pave diamonds making up a full carat. A similar geometric pattern adorns this ring like the last, and it looks classic in either white or yellow gold.


Luxuriously Curved Antique Ring

3461_2Details are everything when it comes to vintage cocktail rings, and this final suggestion never lacks for fine elements or high style. With a gently curved equilateral surface and a split shank embellished with Pave diamonds, this unique Antique Design Diamond Ring is not as flashy, perhaps, as the other two, but its slightly more sophisticated appearance complements a wide range of both events and outfits. The feminine, almost heart-shaped design is ladylike without being cloying, a perfect addition to any jewelry box.

No collection is complete without a few special vintage cocktail rings chosen for their dramatic appeal and timeless design. While engagements, weddings and anniversaries have laid claim to one finger, the other ones are due some sparkle of their own. Add these stunning examples, or choose similarly classic antique rings at Ziva Jewels.

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What’s Your Jewelry Personality: Finding a Style That Suits You

Most people select a piece of jewelry based upon its beauty, its design or the love of a certain gemstone. But fine jewelry, just like clothing, accessories and other purchases can reveal a lot about the buyer’s personality. Therefore, it makes sense to wear styles that best showcase how beautiful the owner is inside as well as out. With so many disparate personalities, it can be difficult to find the ideal piece of jewelry to represent one’s character, but it is possible to select an item that generally suggests a certain temperament or identity. Here are a few ideas of how to do just that.


The Athlete

8403-34_1_1Tough, ambitious and playful, athletes seek out adventure, so they need their accessories’ style to complement their fast-paced and sporty hobbies. The ideal piece of jewelry can withstand a great deal of activity, meaning they can’t be bulky, long or cumbersome. Lengthy necklaces, large-stone rings and dangling earrings are a poor choice, but modern and minimalist designs like bezel set rings and simple, elegant diamond stud earrings add sophistication without affecting mobility.


The Nature Lover

8140CT_4_4_2_3_4Someone who loves to spend time outdoors, breathing fresh air and soaking up sunshine appreciates the beauty of color. Though they do well to choose jewelry that’s somewhat minimalist in design as well, nature lovers also want to showcase their admiration for all the shades in the rainbow. For this type, a stunning gemstone pendants the perfect accent to any outfit, or perhaps a delicate diamond and gemstone bangle bracelet.


The Boss

7466_5There is very little rest for the head of any department or company, but while responsibilities run high, the salary does too. Female bosses can splash out with a sparkling vintage bracelet that commands attention and respect, just like her policies do. A pair of dangling vintage yellow diamond earrings is unique, beautiful and impressive, the perfect addition to the power suit. There are a lot of perks that come with an executive position, and one of the best is enjoying a diverse array of gorgeous, high-quality gems that reveal one’s powerful place in society.


The Socialite

8424Y_6Chatty, warm and active, socialites love to mingle with others and enjoy life to the fullest, and they should show that joie de vivre in their fashion-forward style. That means plenty of eye-catching accessories, such as a long, flowing rose gold diamonds by the yard necklace in addition to a double halo diamond ring. Layering fine jewelry creates a singular aesthetic that is both playful and striking, just like a socialite.


Choosing jewelry based on one’s personality is a great way to tailor a collection to suit an individual personality while also selecting items that work with a particular lifestyle, rather than simply adding a simple decorative touch. To discover more stunning examples of fine jewelry that befits a wide range of dispositions, check out the collection at Ziva Jewels.

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How to Add Vintage Touches to Your Wedding

The trend of incorporating rustic elements in a wedding is giving way to the elegant and classic tendency to add vintage touches instead. It’s understandable why many women would opt for antique details, as they have a sentimental and timeless feeling that complements the lasting love a marriage promises for two people. It’s neither difficult nor expensive to turn a regular wedding into a vintage one, so why not add a few, or several, special vintage details and make your big day even more memorable?


A Vintage Ring

2643e_1_3Get your antique-style wedding off to the right start by opting for a vintage engagement ring or wedding band. Not only is this style particularly popular at the moment, but it also has a unique look that will stand out from more modern designs. Many vintage rings are especially brilliant because they use several stones to create their recognizable appearance, adding small Pave diamonds and even fancy colored gems. The result is iconic and memorable without being overly flashy.


A Vintage Dress

8459_18Modern gowns are lovely, but nothing beats the timeless elegance of a vintage or vintage-inspired wedding dress. Feminine, delicate and dripping in lace, a vintage design makes you feel special, and emphasizes the drama of the big day in the best possible way. And just like with other styles, vintage dresses come in a wide assortment of silhouettes, so whether you prefer strapless or cap sleeves, A-line or empire, there is always something beautiful available.


A Vintage Tables-cape

8501_4_4_2_3_4The wedding decor is often the most stressed over aspect of a wedding, despite all the many complicated elements. This is where your theme really comes through, and it offers the greatest temptation to nitpick on the part of the guests. Keep it classy and vintage by using lace, simple votive candles and aged paper to create an easy-to-do but gorgeous tables cape, and include simple bouquets of wildflowers or pale flowers for the centerpiece. Brightly colored flowers are beautiful, but they don’t suit as well.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a glamorous, vintage-style wedding since you were three years old, or maybe you just want to incorporate a few timeless touches to your ceremony. Whatever your style or plan, it’s easy to add a little or a lot of antique details and make your day of I dos beautiful, romantic and wish fulfilling. For more tips on adding vintage touches, check out more vintage ideas, or visit Ziva Jewels to browse an impressive selection of stunning engagement rings.

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5 Tricks For Discovering Your True Love’s Ring Style

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting process, but if you want to surprise your beloved with a ring and a proposal it can become an overwhelmingly stressful experience. Though it’s now more common for a couple to choose a ring together or discuss preferred styles in advance, there’s nothing quite like seeing the look of astonishment on a woman’s face when a man presents her unexpectedly with the ring of her dreams. If you love the romance of an unanticipated proposal, it’s essential that you choose a ring she’ll adore or risk seeing a look of disappointment on her face when she realizes she’ll be wearing a ring she dislikes forever. Here are five tricks for surreptitiously discovering her unique taste in rings.


Solicit Help From Friends

2840e_3_1A tried and true method of discerning her taste in rings is by enlisting the help of either her best friend or a close family member. Make sure you choose a person you can trust to keep a secret—there’s nothing worse than having a blabbermouth spill your intentions after all your hard work. Even when seeking advice from friends and loved ones, trust your gut if the advice sounds off. Even best friends can have the wrong idea about what a friend wants. First, ask the friend if your true love has ever confided what she wants in a diamond engagement ring, or if she’s basing her suggestions on your love’s perceived style.


Pay Attention to Little Hints

2759E_20Some women are so excited to get married they actually openly drop hints about the designs they adore. If your beloved has ever pointed out a ring on TV, in a magazine or on another hand that’s particularly entrancing you’re set. But even if she’s not leaving pictures of ideal rings littering the coffee table, you can find out her style just by noticing the little things. For instance, if a newly engaged friend shows off her ring your bride-to-be may gush over its beauty only to turn to you moments later and honestly critique it. Pay attention to her critique; you’ll suddenly know how she feels about vintage designs, yellow gold bands or three-stone settings.


Know Her Style

2884e_1_4-1If you’ve been together long enough to know she’s the one you’ve been together long enough to know her style, whether you realize it or not. Is she an easy-going tomboy with simple tastes and an active lifestyle? She’ll probably prefer something demure that doesn’t get in the way of her hobbies. Does she often wear silver jewelry with elaborate designs? You know to skip the yellow and rose gold bands and perhaps look at antique-style rings. Think about how she dresses and lives her life every day (not special occasions). You know more about her jewelry tastes than you may at first realize.


Ask Sneaky Questions

5340sa_1If you’re still uncertain about her taste after trying a couple ideas above, you can still resort to asking her some questions to ascertain her style, but you have to be careful. If a friend shows off a ring and she doesn’t comment to you about it, feel free to make a judgment yourself. You can remark about how it’s interesting that she has a fancy gemstone instead of a diamond, or you can ask if it’s popular to choose a bezel setting. She’ll answer your question and likely add her own position on the matter. No engaged friends? Tell your girl your buddy is trying to pick out a ring and his girlfriend has similar taste, what would she want? She’ll be delighted to help out.


Customize It

2882e_1You know her style, but you also want something that represents your style as a couple. You can combine your tastes and hers for a completely unique engagement ring only you two share. A customized ring also flatters your true love’s sense of individuality. She’s the only girl in the world for you, and this is the only ring in the world for her. By choosing a custom made ring, you can skip the search for the “perfect” ring and design your own based on what you know and have learned about your significant other.

Many women dream of the day they get engaged their whole lives, so you don’t want to disappoint your beloved with a ring that doesn’t live up to her imagination. That doesn’t mean you can’t surprise her with a ring you chose. Simply use these tricks to discover her ideal design, and bathe in the beauty of her joyous delight when you surprise her on bended knee.

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Attributes of Quality Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are currently some of the most popular styles on the market, and it comes as no surprise. These gorgeous rings have a unique shine thanks to their Pave diamond frame, they’re available on a diverse variety of diamond cuts and they have the appearance of a much larger stone. While many people adore the look of the halo, not all manufacturers are creating the same quality jewelry. It’s tempting to jump at the best offer, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these stunning designs. Discover the singular attributes of quality halo engagement rings so you can own one that’s not only of exceptional beauty but also value.


Appearances Can Be Deceiving

2418e_4The four C’s are the established method of determining the quality of a diamond ring, whether it includes a halo frame or not, but not everyone is well versed on how to tell the difference between high quality and merely average. The truth is most flaws aren’t visible to the naked eye, so you must rely on the expertise of the jeweler. This is why it’s always recommended that the buyer request a GIA report, which will guarantee the gem is of a certain grade and level. Unfortunately, not all jewelers or jewelry businesses are honest, and they’re legally allowed to fudge the facts to a certain degree. Choosing a trustworthy shop is essential.


Not All Guarantees Are Equal

2786e_1-1A high quality halo engagement ring should last forever; that’s how the saying goes, right? Any shopper wants to know the ring that sits upon her finger can withstand everyday use and look just as beautiful 50 years down the road as the day it was slipped on her finger. While you can’t tell just by looking at it, a poorly designed setting can mean trouble down the line. Any savvy halo ring buyer will want to research the warranty that comes with the purchase. Will the shop fix any problems should they arise? Do they stand behind their craftsmanship? Seek out a lifetime warranty for the best assurance your ring is high quality.


Materials Matter

Buying a halo engagement ring is about more than finding the showiest diamond or the most impressive setting; it’s about the little details that make the ring special and long lasting. Ziva’s products are superior because they use the finest materials, sourced from ethical locations using the highest level of quality control standards in the business. Every product is designed to be unique, versatile, durable and comfortable. At Ziva, jewelry lasts a lifetime, just like the special occasions they represent.

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