Engagement Rings by Price: $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting experience, and while the heart determines the design, the head should determine the budget. Engagement rings are expensive, and for good reason. The high quality materials, from diamond gemstones to gold bands, are meant to last a lifetime, so the expense is justified. That doesn’t mean everyone’s budget is the same, however. It helps to know that you can find a ring that satisfies all your years of dreaming and still comes in at an affordable price. Here are some of the most popular options within each common budget category to help you decide on a ring that’s thrilling but doesn’t leave you in the poor house.


Stunning at $5,000


2890eThough a $5000 engagement ring sits at the lower end of what many people pay, it doesn’t require sacrificing an ounce of beauty. A great way to make the most of this budget is to purchase a ring with several smaller stones. Fortunately, vintage rings are wildly popular, and they often feature smaller stones with more ornate designs.


2861saeBrides-to-be that favor a colorful style will love engagement rings with fancy gemstones, which are often less expensive than diamonds. Choose from ruby, sapphire, emerald or more esoteric options like pearl, tanzanite or peridot. Unique, richly colored and impressive, staying on budget never looked so lovely.


Brilliant at $10,000




Double the size of your purse, and you have more purchasing power, certainly, but there’s also the option of selecting highly decorative bands. $10,000 engagement rings may feature larger stones, but they can also have distinctive hand-engraved bands that are both subtle and entrancing.





Engravings aren’t the only way to spruce up the band, which is often overlooked. An eye-catching cathedral setting embellished with Pave set diamonds add sparkle to any engagement ring design, giving it the appearance of a far pricier ring.


Enviable at $15,000


2456ye-34A sizable budget grants the buyer plenty of freedom to invest in large diamonds, decorative bands and a unique design. $15,000 engagement rings should have very high quality stones, with few imperfections and fantastic clarity. One option for members of this elite club is fancy colored diamonds. These rare stones are more expensive and more eye-catching. Canary yellow diamonds are especially beautiful, with their striking golden hue that’s very flattering.


Unforgettable at $20,000




While there are certainly more expensive rings, $20,000 engagement rings should boast the best of everything, from decorative bands and Pave halos to colorful fancy diamonds of the best quality. For this price, you may also consider a unique, custom-made ring that showcases your singular love.


Buying an engagement ring should only be enjoyable and wish fulfilling, never fraught with stress or impoverishing. Deciding in advance your appropriate budget is essential. You should never worry that you can’t afford the ring of your dreams. Ziva makes gorgeous designs at every price point, so come with us and discover your ideal engagement ring.

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Unique Engagement Rings: What Makes Them Singular?

Unique engagement rings are often the first request from women hoping to differentiate themselves from other brides. Unique, in its true definition, means rare, exclusive or one-of-a-kind. Choosing a unique engagement ring ensures you’ll show off a singular creation that speaks not only of your special love, but also of your fine taste in jewelry. Fortunately, there are many ways to have a unique ring, from using colorful gemstones to vintage designs, but sometimes a modern piece with an unusual twist fits the bill best. Here are some of the most beloved unique rings women are clamoring for today.


The Diamond Encrusted Band


2715eside_2Though most people focus on the central stone of an engagement ring, there’s more to the ideal ring than a sizable rock. Choosing a band with an unusual design is becoming a popular way to stand out, and one impressive option for brides that’s both classic yet eye-catching is a gem-encrusted band. A princess cut engagement ring with princess cut and Pave encrusted band has all the attributes an elegant lady requires, including an impressive main stone highlighted by a diamond adorned cathedral setting. The sparkle of this piece is so brilliant you may sees spots after looking directly into it.


The Organic-Shaped Band


2880e_1For a more feminine, sinuous and bold design, women are choosing circlets that twist, bend and wrap around the gemstone. The result is definitely unique in appearance, and it offers a more natural, organic look than more symmetrical or geometric styles. The bypass pear-shaped engagement ring features a band that appears to be swirling inwardly toward the pear-shaped diamond in the middle, as if caught in its gravitational pull. Your friends and family will experience a similar reaction to seeing this on your finger, entranced and unable to look away from this gorgeous piece of art.


The Braided Band


2493e-sideMarriage is the promise that a couple’s love will last forever, so what better symbol to incorporate into an engagement ring than an infinity sign? A braided band does just that, with an interwoven split shank that hugs the central diamond and criss-crosses around the finger. A braided band engagement ring comes in many designs, but the best include a few stunning Pave diamonds decorating the twists of the braid, to highlight the beauty of this enchantingly emblematic token of eternal devotion.


Finding the ideal engagement ring is about more than picking out a sparkling diamond or choosing between modern and vintage. The right ring will reveal the unequaled beauty of your personal love story, and what better choice is there for suck a task than a unique engagement ring by Ziva.

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Designer Engagement Rings: Are They Superior in Design?

Designer engagement rings sound appealing to many people, and for good reason. Having a reputable and trained jeweler craft a diamond ring of exceptional quality and beauty ensures you end up with the ring of your dreams, rather than settling for a department store design. But are designer engagement rings really better than the rings found at a mall? If so, what makes them superior? If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between designer-made and not, here’s a thorough explanation of why you should choose Ziva Jewels for your fine jewelry needs.


Superior Materials


2891eWhile every couple is focused on shopping for a ring of singular beauty, they aren’t often weighing the importance of each individual material. You may know if you want a gold or platinum band, a diamond or colorful gemstone, but Ziva focuses on sourcing the highest quality goods from start to finish. That means most diamonds are rated H or higher in color and SI1 or better in clarity. All products are manufactured in America and run through repeated refinements and testing to guarantee the end product meets with your utmost satisfaction.


Superior Experience


2862e_4Buying an engagement ring isn’t like buying a new dress or a meal at lunchtime, it’s a special experience that should be wish fulfilling from beginning to end. A designer jeweler will take the time to provide each customer with attentive service, listening to her wants and needs and walking her through the process step-by-step. A good jeweler never pressures the client or pushes him in a direction he doesn’t want to go.


2494e_1Another difference between Ziva and a regular salesman: You’ll get exemplary service both online and in store. Convenience and comfort are essential to our process. Search through our collection of engagement rings online to find the perfect piece, and then see it in store to try on and admire in person. We can also custom make any design you have in mind, simply contact us for more information.


Superior Ethics


2460e_copy_1Sadly, some diamonds and gemstones come to America through less than savory paths. But you can rest assured any piece you buy from Ziva is conflict-free and ethical. We pride ourselves on manufacturing our jewelry exclusively in the U.S., ensuring our workers are highly trained and well treated. We also guarantee the work. Any quality designer will offer a warranty, and ours is good for the lifetime of the ring.


Designer engagement rings are not only better quality than other types, they’re often far more beautiful thanks to careful craftsmanship and excellent materials. Additionally, choosing a custom made option provides you with a completely unique design no one else has. Finally, the prices remain competitive at all times, so you never have to fear overspending. Come see how wonderful designer really is, and have a look at Ziva’s collection today.

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Vintage Engagement Rings: Are They Antique or Antique Style?

Vintage engagement rings are requested more often than any other style currently on the market. What made this type of ring become so popular? The truth is, vintage rings and antique rings have been popular for decades, since the original designs were first crafted by fine jewelers back in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. But understanding exactly what makes a ring vintage, antique or “inspired by” is an important part of finding the perfect ring for your betrothal. Discover the difference between these words so you can make an informed decision and ensure you end up with the sparkling jewelry of your dreams.




1504e-1_7Traditionally, vintage referred to the actual year of a product. For instance, a winery may promote its vintage 2001 Merlot. The term vintage here only serves to explain what year the wine was produced. Today, people use vintage much more broadly. It can mean anything that is old and fashionable again. But what constitutes “old” is up for debate, with no clear definition. Some folks believe vintage refers to anything 50 years old or older, and it certainly can, but that’s not guaranteed. A jeweler can accurately label a ring vintage even if it’s only from last season. That’s not a reason to overlook the piece if you like it, of course. It’s simply important to understand what the word actually means.




1795e-1-2_copy_1Unlike the term vintage, antique has a specific meaning, though some people misuse it. Antique is intended to mean any item that is at least 100 years old. Something that ancient requires paperwork for proof of its origin, and it’s likely to command a much higher price, especially if it’s in good condition. This is also true of jewelry. Authentic antique jewelry is rare and pricey, but it comes with an enchanting history that can add romance and appeal to the piece. Always shop through a trusted fine jeweler like Ziva when looking for quality gems, regardless of the year they’re made.




2887eMost buyers hunting for vintage engagement rings are actually interested in vintage-style or antique-style rings. These rings are newly made, but in the style and design of antique rings from any number of popular eras, including Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian. They are no less beautiful, and they can be custom made for a one-of-a-kind result. Many styles feature colorful gemstones, cathedral settings, engraved bands or milgrain etching. They are also far more affordable than authentic antique rings, though just as beautiful.



When shopping for vintage or antique engagement rings, it’s important to learn exactly what you’re getting. Jewelers throw around terms like antique, vintage-inspired and collectible regularly, and if you are unsure of what that means simply ask. Any reputable jeweler will happily explain the difference and deliver the ring of your dreams, no matter the year of make. For more information on vintage and vintage-inspired rings, contact Ziva Jewels.

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Design & Buy Your Engagement Ring Conveniently and Risk Free

There’s something extraordinary about designer engagement rings. Unique, sentimental and totally personalized, a custom made ring not only ensures that you get the exact style of ring you’ve always longed for, but one no one else can claim as their own. Since every love is singular, the ring that binds it for eternity should be as well. Some buyers hesitate to seek out a designer made ring. They’re afraid of the cost, the time commitment and the results. Fortunately, Ziva makes the process simple, convenient, affordable and risk free. Learn how easy it is to design your own engagement ring now.




2873e2Ziva Jewels makes it very simple to design the perfect ring to give your beloved. Using images, illustrations or written explanations, you’ll express the type of ring you have your eye on. Feel free to suggest special features, like mil-grained, cathedral settings, accent stones or vintage style. Unsure how to make your ring the best? Just ask our experts; we’ll guide you through every option.


The Process


2477e_3Once our designers have a rough idea of your plan, they’ll create a mock-up using computer aided design software. This is where any final tweaks or changes are made, before the ring gets manufactured right here in the U.S. Once the plans are finalized, a mold of the ring is made, sizing is fine-tuned and the final is cast using your instructions from start to finish.


The Reveal


2891eOf course, you’ll want to try on the handcrafted ring you so carefully designed. See the ring in-store to ensure the perfect fit and end result through one of Ziva’s many quality affiliated retailers near you. Once you’ve fallen in love with your unique ring, simply purchase it on sight and bring it home. Rest assured Ziva’s jewelry is always backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.


While there are numerous reasons to opt for a custom made ring, it’s important to choose a jewelry designer that understands the needs and budget of each buyer. Ziva always places a premium on quality materials, service and experience. If you’re dreaming of a designer engagement ring, but are holding back due to fears of cost or difficulty, fear no more. Ziva will create your dream ring conveniently and affordably with no risk to you. Come try our custom process today.

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Sapphire Engagement Rings: Colorful, Affordable, Always in Fashion

Sapphire engagement rings are growing in popularity with each new engagement season. Is it because sapphires symbolize faith, good fortune and loyalty? Is it because they have a distinctive and beautiful blue hue? Or is it because vintage-style jewelry has come into vogue, and antique designs heavily feature the azure stone? No doubt it’s all these things and many more. Sapphire engagement rings really are colorful and timeless but it’s important to know, they’re affordable too. Whatever your reasons for favoring this classically appealing gemstone, here are some of the most popular styles today, and what makes them the perfect choice for your betrothal.


Vintage Emerald-Cut Sapphire


5331sa-1_3Something old, something new and something blue. This stunning emerald-cut sapphire ring has plenty of sparkle with its baguette diamonds, halo and diamond decorated band. But it’s the central sapphire stone in the Ziva emerald cut sapphire engagement ring that draws all the attention thanks to the translucent ocean blue shade and vintage-inspired design. This style is perfect for brides-to-be who dream of old-fashioned romance and a singular piece of jewelry. But it’s also modern enough for fashion followers and trend makers.


Sapphire Three-Stone Engagement Ring


5436sa_1_6Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and if you can’t decide between the most popular brilliant gemstone and the cool allure of a sapphire, simply opt for this striking Ziva sapphire 3-stone engagement ring, which is a combination of the two. Featuring a sizable oval sapphire in the center and flanking round diamonds as accents, the ring has a lot of star power. More is more, of course, so a sparkling halo of Pave diamonds enhances the effect, and it adds a luxurious touch to the band.


Sapphire Engagement Ring With Baguettes


2758SAE_16Some brides still want that gorgeous diamond to take center stage, but they’d love to have a pair of eye-catching sapphire accent stones on the sides that distinguish and emphasize the entire design. The Ziva sapphire engagement ring with baguette accent stones is the perfect option. The princess-cut diamond is balanced on either side by princess-cut sapphires; the sapphires are in turn framed by diamond baguettes. More stones mean more sparkle, but it doesn’t mean a higher cost. Using several smaller stones not only creates a beautiful design, it also saves money.


Sapphires play very well with diamonds, where their cool shades balance the fire of the brilliant diamond. Finding the perfect sapphire engagement ring is easy, no matter the personality of the bride or the budget, especially with Ziva’s help. Check out our full selection of sapphire engagement rings, and discover a colorful, affordable and fashionable ring for your eternal love.

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Emeralds: How to Select and Buy Quality Emeralds

Emeralds, with their deep earthy green shades and mesmerizing flat facets, have remained popular for centuries, especially with royals and the very wealthy. But oil tycoons and media moguls aren’t the only ones purchasing these glowing rocks; many buyers seek out his rock for its beauty, symbolism and value. The key to finding and buying emeralds that are not only appealing physically but also valuable in the long term is knowing the characteristics to look for when hunting for the perfect piece. While every buyer has a different goal—some people want a unique emerald engagement ring, others prefer an investment worthy emerald pendant—all shoppers should keep the following rules in mind when browsing.


The Four C’s


8156emJust like diamonds and other fine gems, emeralds are graded according to the 4 C’s. Unlike diamonds, the color of the emerald is the most important factor. An even tone, medium saturation and deep hue are the hallmarks of a quality emerald, whether it’s loose or set. As for clarity, emeralds have many natural inclusions. So don’t fret if you can see some. Though fewer blemishes are admired, it’s perfectly acceptable to find some flaws.


The cut is also incredibly important. Make sure that the fire of the stone is noticeable. The facets should glint freely, and an expert cutter will know how to bring out the inherent glamor of the stone.


Finally, the carat: The ideal weight of the stone is up to personal preference, but those buyers hoping for a larger stone on a modest budget should accept more inclusions and less brilliance, while a smaller gem with better stats can be quite costly.


5404EM_3The Origin


Emeralds are found in many places, but the best ones hail from Colombia. Knowing where an emerald originated can help determine if it’s likely to be higher quality than another whose location is unknown. Other notable places include Zambia, Africa, and Egypt.


7453em_1The Treatments


The vast majority of gemstones are treated in some way, and that’s true of emeralds as well. There isn’t anything bad about a stone being treated, depending on how it’s done. The enhancements, as they’re often called, are intended to improve the beauty of the stone, but some of them can decrease the quality or damage the stone. Investigate the particular practices of the jewelry store you choose to frequent, especially online shops.


8382emThe Jewelry Store


Where a buyer gets his emerald is just as important as any other consideration. Many designer jewelry shops responsibly offer high quality emeralds as a rule, but you should always research where you want to buy in advance. Look for a brand that offers GIA grading papers, a lifetime warranty and a “I’m Ready to Buy” option, like Ziva Jewels.


Emeralds stand for confidence, fidelity and royalty. Therefore, many people develop a strong attraction to the green gem’s style. Finding the perfect emerald doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful, as long as you’re educated. Follow these recommendations to ensure you buy a stunning emerald, in both beauty and value.

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Rubies: How to Select and Buy a Quality Ruby

Rubies are some of the most beloved gemstones on earth. With their fiery shades and passionate appearance, many people favor them for special occasions that have a romantic tone, such as anniversaries or engagements. Regardless of the reason for buying a ruby, whether as present to a loved one or oneself, understanding what makes a ruby valuable is essential information. All fine jewelry is an investment, so here are some helpful tips on how to select and buy ruby rings that not only are beautiful but also profitable in the long run.




8379ruObviously, the color of the ruby is important to buyers. Deep crimson reds are alluring, while bright and clear pinkish hues appeal to many young ladies. The most expensive shade is known as “pigeon’s blood.” Despite this gruesome name, the color is enchanting, a deep red with a hint of blue. The darker the red the pricier the gem, pink shades are often reclassified as pink sapphires, which are considerably less costly.




8534RU_6While inclusions reduce the price of a diamond, they provide personality to rubies. Not considered blemishes at all unless they affect the transparency, inclusions are common and even popular in rubies, though central flaws or large cracks should be avoided. Rubies should look relatively unmarked to the naked eye, though a silk mesh appearance within can actually be a good thing.




5414RU_3Look for a symmetrical gemstone with smooth facets. Avoid any gem with obvious chips, dents, marks or cracks. The facets should meet cleanly, without any sign of waving or curving. The pavilion should also have an appropriate depth. If it’s too shallow the gem won’t reflect well. Fire and flash are two elements that make rubies such desirable stones. Don’t buy one without the tell tale brilliance.




7957ru_1_1Often mistaken as the size of a stone, the carat refers to the weight. Personal preference and budget will often dictate the appropriate carat weight of a ruby, and they come in a stunning array of sizes, from accent stones to giant baubles. Be wary of larger stones having noticeable flaws, cracks or a poor cut. However, buyers hoping for a larger stone at an affordable price may choose to accept some internal blemishes.


It isn’t surprising that rubies have held a lofty position among the royal and wealthy throughout time, as they boast such a striking appearance. But these days, buyers of all backgrounds eagerly seek out rubies to add to their collections or decorate the ring finger of a beloved. Ensure the ruby jewelry you buy is everything you want it to be by using this information to purchase a high quality ruby that is brilliant, beautiful and valuable.

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Fine Jewelry Trends: Gemstone Earrings

Fine jewelry comes in a nearly limitless selection of designs. Whether made with silver, gold or platinum, bedecked with diamonds, precious or semi-precious gems or crafted for a subtle or dramatic effect, there is a style to suit every buyer. Lately, however, the fashion of fine jewelry favors earrings with brightly colored gemstones. They draw approving glances toward the face while complementing every feature. If you’ve been contemplating an addition to your jewelry box, a pair of designer gemstone earrings is the perfect choice.


Art Deco Sapphire Drops



Vintage jewelry is by far the most coveted style at present. Though Victorian and Edwardian eras are popular, Art Deco provides the greatest interest, with its use of multicolored stones that catch and refract a full spectrum of shades. Instantly ramp up the glamor of any outfit with a pair of Art Deco Sapphire Drop Earrings, which boast both diamonds and sapphire gems within the design. A variety of gemstone cuts are utilized, including round diamonds and pear and square-shaped sapphires. Eye-catching but sophisticated, these earrings guarantee a warm welcome from friends.


Emerald Studs With Halo



For a similarly posh yet more demure look, the stud earring is unequalled. A pair set with an enchanting duo of round emeralds adds dignity, confidence and a regal air to even the simplest ensembles. Aided by the elegant brilliance of Pave diamonds, a pair of emerald earrings with a halo embodies refinement. Though stunning with a ball gown or special occasion attire, these shimmering accessories are far more versatile than some typical examples of fine jewelry. Though a bit too ornate for jeans and a t-shirt, these studs can certainly elevate a work outfit or two, and they look fantastic on date night.


Fancy Ruby Drop Earrings



Playful and polished, a pair of fancy ruby drop earrings belongs in every woman’s clothing arsenal. The deep vermillion color is enchanting, and it perfectly evokes passionate feelings, making these swinging earrings an ideal option for anniversary, birthday or special occasion present. The diamond halo hugs the precious gemstones to create a more pronounced sheen and a timeless appearance while the drop style ensures a youthful feeling that some fine jewelry pieces lack.


Diamonds are forever, but only colorful gemstone jewelry can exhibit such a stunning array of colors. Though trends change often, you can rely on gemstone earrings to prove a classic and exciting choice for decades to come. Select the pair that best reveals your inner personality, or try on a new hue for a change.

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Emerald Cut Diamond Rings: The Celebrity Favorite

Emerald cut diamond rings, with their stepped facets and unique rectilinear shape, are some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry in the world. Favored more heavily by celebrities than regular buyers, the distinctive shape of the emerald cut has a regal appearance that’s both flashy and sophisticated. While other popular cuts, like cushion cut or round brilliant, have a softer, more feminine shape, wearers of this type of gem require a lot of confidence, so it comes as no surprise starlets and divas choose it first.

Adventurous types with their eyes on emerald cut can take inspiration from the following celebrities who proudly sport emerald cut engagement rings as a powerful sign of their enduring love.


Angelina Jolie


One of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie appropriately possesses an enormous sparkling emerald cut ring weighing approximately 8 carats. The large central emerald cut diamond is flanked on either side by finger hugging rectangular diamonds that graduate in size. Breathtaking and bold, it suits the actress perfectly.


Beyonce Knowles


Count on this pop diva to boast a budget-busting 18-carat emerald cut stone. Reportedly worth around $5 million, Jay Z’s better half wears her diamond on a split shank thin band to emphasize the startling size of the central diamond. Like the singer, the single stone needs no accompaniment to evoke awe from onlookers.


Kristen Bell


Dancing to the beat of her own drummer, cheerful Veronica Mars actress Kristen Bell said yes to a fancy colored emerald cut diamond from her beau Dax Shepard, and it’s as unique as she is. Amber hued and sandwiched between two rows of round diamonds, the 3-carat stone is mounted atop a thin band with a cathedral setting for an elegant and individual look.


Kate Beckinsale


Looking at things from a different angle is Kate Beckinsale, who sports a horizontally placed emerald cut diamond ring. The Pave diamond encrusted band adds additional sparkle to the piece, without overwhelming the large central stone. Known for her athletic roles in action films, Kate appropriately wears a chunky, no-nonsense emerald cut diamond with a more rugged look.


Bold, beautiful and distinctive, emerald cut diamond engagement rings have a commanding presence that many self-assured women love, especially celebrities. Though not as popular as rounded cuts among regular buyers, that makes the emerald cut all the more alluring and singular. It’s the perfect choice for the independent woman.

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Sapphires: How to Select and Buy a Quality Sapphire

Sapphires are adored by the famous and wealthy and have been for thousands of years. Symbolizing wisdom, royalty and prophecy and boasting a stunning range of hues, it comes as no surprise so many buyers choose the sapphire as a favorite stone. For those interested in adding to their jewelry collection by incorporating a piece or two of this beautiful blue gem, there are a few things to know before beginning. Here are some quick tips on how to select a high quality sapphire every time you shop, and acquire a jewel you can cherish for a lifetime.




Most people think of a deep, royal blue when they imagine a sapphire, but the precious gemstone actually comes in a wide range of colors, including pink, orange, yellow and more. Blue shades remain the most popular, with a spectrum from light Sweden Princess Blue to dark Black. The most coveted, and expensive, is the central shade of Royal Blue, with neighbors Camelot and Commodore close behind. Fancy colors may be less expensive, and enticingly alternative, if you’re on a tight budget, but the closer to Royal Blue the higher the value is.




Just like diamonds, sapphires with higher levels of transparency are more valuable. The clarity results in stunning light refraction, a beautiful brilliance for which people cultivate gems in the first place. Always hold your desired sapphire up to the light to detect the quality. Translucent stones are an excellent option for individuals hoping to balance the dueling issues of quality and price. Remember: Sapphires have more inclusions than diamonds, but you should still attempt to find a sapphire with SI2 or better grading. Ask for the GIA report before purchasing,




This is of lesser importance, but there are certain areas of the world where sapphires are mined that tend to show higher quality, such as Kashmir, Mogok and Burma. While it may increase a sapphire’s pedigree to hail from one of these locations, it by no means guarantees the quality. Always ensure the sapphire is the appropriate grade for your needs and investment, and consider the origin second.




How deep the facets are carved into the surface of a gem greatly impacts the amount of color and light that reflects, thus altering its value. Deeply cut stones are darker in color, while shallow cuts are lighter in tone and look larger than the weight suggests. Once again, trust the GIA report to give you the honest truth about the cut of a sapphire even if the jeweler promises his grading system is accurate. Always opt for a grade of good or better.


Regardless of the precious or semi-precious stone, shopping with quality in mind will ensure every purchase is a wise one. Always choose a reputable jeweler who happily provides GIA reports and a warranty for his work. Sapphires, like all gemstones, are a luxury purchase. Protect your investment by shopping with these tricks in mind, and you’ll soon own a high quality sapphire you’ll treasure for years to come.

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Diamond Earrings: Buy Larger Size or Higher Quality?

Diamond earrings are classic and flattering, but many buyers agonize over whether to opt for better quality gems and a small stone or err on the side of size, and give a little in the excellence department. This is completely understandable. After all, not everyone has a limitless budget (most people do not, obviously), so it’s essential to balance the look, design and price of any piece of jewelry. Fortunately, you only need to answer a few questions to discover the right size and quality of your diamond stud earrings. Just follow this guide for stress-free shopping.


How Big Is Your Budget?



It’s always important to establish your budget before entering a jewelry store or shopping online. There are thousands of beautiful items for sale at every price point, and you should never regret such an important purchase on account of your fear of debt. Carefully determine your diamond allowance and explore the options available at that price. View a full spectrum, from smaller high quality diamonds to larger, more included options, so you have a basic understanding of what’s available.


How Big Are Your Earlobes?



Here’s a question many, many buyers overlook. Every person has unique ears, and the size of the earlobes can range tremendously. The way a diamond gem appears on an earlobe will change depending on its shape and size. Larger earlobes will call for larger stones in order to have the same impact as a person with small ears. In that case, a diamond with more flaws that’s larger may make sense. Try on several pairs of earrings to determine which sizes have the right look. Believe it or not, diamond earrings can be too big, and you can always opt for designs with a halo frame to add the appearance of size without adding too much to cost.


How Will You Wear Them?



Special events call for more dramatic accessories, so buyers planning on wearing their diamond studs only on rare occasions may wish to choose a larger stone over an ideal one. Many people, however, love the delicately elegant look of diamond studs every day, and in that case, a modest and practical stone that’s better quality for high brilliance is in order.


Ultimately, the individual’s tastes will dictate how unblemished and large a stone will be, but it’s essential to remember that too big of a diamond can appear fake and too small leaves little impact. An investment piece must be higher quality, but a dazzling sparkler that exists to elicit compliments needs only to be sizable. Balance, as in all things, should lead the way.

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Engagement Rings: Make Her Dreams Come True This Valentine’s Day


Photo By Mozzercork

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is a well-established tradition. The natural romance surrounding the holiday lends itself to grand gestures and promises of eternal love. Plus, many men love this ideal opportunity to surprise their special someone when they were only expecting chocolates and flowers. If you’re considering popping the big question this February 14th—or if you think your significant other is—it’s time to consider what type of diamond engagement ring would really bring a sparkle to her eye, a smile to her face, and result in an impassioned shout of “Yes, I will!”


An Eternal Classic


Vintage jewelry has an inherent romantic quality to it, and it’s this charming aspect that makes the pieces so popular these days. If your sweetheart swoons during period films, admires the chivalrous behavior of yesteryear or shops antique boutiques with relish, she will likely adore a vintage engagement ring with delicate filigree, ornate details and simple yet eye-catching stones. A diamond ring with multi-stone setting and a mill-grained mount is the perfect choice. With several different iterations available, you can choose the style that most perfectly suits your past-loving darling.


Minimal and Modern


On the other end of the spectrum, someone who fancies clean, straightforward lines and pared down style will likely favor modern designs instead. Logical yet beautiful, these sophisticated styles appeal to women who are grounded, ambitious and confident. The Asscher cut solitaire diamond will make her heart swell. It has a unique cut that produces excellent fire and sparkle while drawing favorable attention with its stepped facets, rounded edges and distinctive look. The focus is on the single gem, with no extraneous accent stones or engraved bands to detract from it.


For the Color Lover


Diamonds are undeniably beautiful, but an engagement ring can boast any precious or semi-precious stone you can imagine. If your future bride loves the entrancing blue of sapphires above all other gems, there’s no reason not to give her exactly what she desires. Blow her mind and sweep her off her feet all at once with a large carat sapphire or tanzanite—an even more rare blue stone—framed with Pave diamonds and set in a cathedral mount. It’s dramatic, elegant and wish fulfilling in every way.

An engagement ring is one of the most important purchases in a lifetime, and choosing the one that she will cherish for a lifetime is no mean feat. Let your knowledge of her personality, likes and dreams guide you for certain success. Come February 14th, you can skip the flowers and the heart-shaped box of chocolates. Instead, take a knee and ask her to be your valentine forever.

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How to Buy the Best Diamond For Your Budget

When investing in diamond jewelry, whether it’s a unique engagement ring, a pair of sparkling stud earrings or delicate pendant necklace, a likely first concern is to its quality. Diamonds are expensive, of course, but almost no one can boast limitless funds. Finding the perfect piece of fine jewelry that’s high quality, sentimental or stylish and within budget is essential for all buyers. Therefore, all shoppers can benefit from a better understanding of what makes a diamond valuable. Here are some quick tips on how to buy the best diamond for your budget every time you shop.


Understand the Four C’s


You’ll hear it over and over, on this site and every website that offers legitimate diamond information, the 4 C’s are the most important pieces of knowledge you can acquire when it comes to determining the value of a diamond. They are as follows: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. Understanding what each of these terms refers to will ensure you choose a beautiful gemstone that holds and even appreciates in value over time. To learn more about the 4 C’s, read about diamond basics.


Obtain a Diamond Grading Report

One of the best ways to ensure your diamond is exactly what it claims to be, with regards to its cut, color, clarity and carat is to request a report from the GIA or American Gem Society. These top diamond rating-labs have expert gemologists that can certify the diamond you’re thinking of buying is as promised, and you should always request one before purchasing any piece over $2000.


Shop From a Qualified Purveyor

There are thousands of jewelry stores, but sadly many of them are not as honorable or principled as you might hope. Some companies inflate the size of the diamond or the clarity grade; some may even use harsh lighting that makes it difficult to determine the color of a stone. Always buy diamonds from a trusted establishment, like Ziva Jewels, that offers convenience, customer service and, most importantly, a lifetime warranty. You should never regret a purchase as pricey and meaningful as a diamond ring, bracelet or necklace.


Shopping for a diamond should be exciting, but never let your emotions dominate when buying such an expensive adornment. Learn the 4 C’s backwards and forwards, insist on a GIA report and shop at a trusted site. No matter what your budget, these tips will ensure your diamond is high quality, long lasting and worthy of its place in your jewelry box.

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Diamond Engagement Ring Trends: Chic Cuts For Modern Brides

Every diamond engagement ring holds the promise of eternal devotion, so there are simply no unattractive engagement rings. There are, however, trends for every time period, from Victorian to modern, which clearly dictate the preferred style at the time. Vintage rings relied on colorful precious and semi-precious stones, decorative bands and smaller gemstones, but the modern bride dreams of something spectacular. Inspired by celebrities, royalty and other style leaders, more and more women are clamoring for the following cuts for their rings, and it’s not hard to see why.


 Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut

The stunning versatility of shape makes the cushion cut a popular option no matter what the jewelry form it takes. As an engagement ring, cushion cut diamonds or precious gems are incredibly striking. Available as either a square or more rectangular shape, the cushion cut features softly rounded edges and large facets for exceptional brilliance with a feminine aesthetic. No wonder brides-to-be cherish this style, which also looks fabulous in yellow, white or rose gold or platinum settings. A Pave halo setting can enrich a smaller cushion cut, but they also look marvelous alone.


Princess Cut


Unlike the softly curved corners of the cushion cut stone, princess cut diamonds are confidently sharp, with a square shape and elegantly pointed edges. With expertly shaped facets that provide astonishing fire, the princess cut is adored for its luster, which rivals that of the round brilliant. Appealing in many forms, the princess cut ring looks best paired with accent stones, a Pave embellished band or rose gold setting, which juxtaposes the acute design with a feminine rosy hue.


Oval Cut


Softly round and elongated, the oval shaped cut combines the soft edges of a round brilliant and the sophisticated length of long gems. Exceptionally flattering on the finger and stunning when paired with accent stones in a three stone ring or vintage-inspired setting, the oval cut diamond ring appeals to a broad cross section of women. Somewhat more demure than other cuts, the oval stone can be dressed up for a bigger impact with halos, decorative bands or colorful accent gems.


 Emerald Cut


One of the most popular cuts among celebrities today, the emerald cut is cool, confident and eye-catching. It comes as no surprise then that so many soon-to-wed women want a similar style, and the emerald, despite its striking appearance, plays surprisingly well with others, especially similarly shaped accent stones and highly decorative and wider bands. The emerald isn’t for the faint of heart, but strong-willed women with purpose adore it, and it stands as a symbol of unwavering love in the face of any obstacle.

While no ring that embodies the love of two souls will ever be unsightly, these four cuts are especially popular among aspiring brides right now. Round or square, set upon rose gold or yellow, these stones look fabulous when placed upon the hand by one who is supremely in love. The rest is just decoration.

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