How to Pair Contemporary and Vintage Fine Jewelry For a Singular Effect

One of the most elegant ways to dress up an outfit, whether for a casual dinner with friends or to celebrate another year of blissful love, is to pair a few distinctive jewelry pieces that have a shared theme. Mixing and matching isn’t a new trend, but it has lately regained popularity. In many cases, women are layering necklaces and rings, generally inexpensive, charming items. While this works well for teens and beach trips, this simple style doesn’t always translate beyond those limited situations. For a more mature, on-trend look that’s still playful, one must mix high and low-end, new and old. Here’s a quick guide on pairing contemporary and vintage jewelry for an instantly glamorous appeal.

Opposites Attract

The key to successful mixing and matching is to find harmony in differences. By maintaining one defining characteristic between all the pieces, one can easily incorporate a wide variety of distinctive elements. For instance, if all the treasures are yellow gold, they can have different styles, shapes and weights. The color ensures that they go together. But it’s possible to extend this further. As long as each jewel shares a commonality with one other piece, they can be highly individual. Try pairing a rose gold, vintage-inspired cross with a rose gold diamonds by the yard necklace and topping them with a bold ruby pendant. The blushing tones hold them all in balance.

Safety in Numbers

8387p_1Stacking like elements is another way to mix contemporary jewelry with the antique-style items that are so beloved in fashion. In this case, there should be no more than two or three different styles of jewelry, and this method plays most victoriously with bangle bracelets, though rings are another potential possibility. Slip on a few simple unadorned modern silver bracelets and adding a handful of classic diamond bangle bracelets. Now, finalize the display with a single standout piece, such as a wide band antique-design diamond bracelet. The collection will prove a showstopper.

Aim High Swing Low

3482_1Naturally, using all high-end fine jewelry offers a breathtaking look, but not everyone can afford to drench themselves in diamonds. In some cases, the occasion or venue doesn’t warrant such embellishment. That’s perfectly fine; simply use the glamorous luxe pieces sparingly for a subtle and classy upgrade to a casual, easy-going ensemble. Keep it simple everywhere but the fingers. Dress them up in charmingly inexpensive silver and gold bands. Stack several on each finger, but on one otherwise bare finger wear, again, a single eye-catching statement trinket, such as a long Art Deco diamond ring. The look is breezy yet unforgettable.

There are many ways to incorporate vintage jewelry pieces into a modern collection, especially with the current appreciation for mix-and-match style and stacking trends. The rules are few and creativity is encouraged. Women everywhere should try their hand at this fun look at least once in a while. For more ideas, see Ziva’s vintage necklace collection.

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Best Gemstone Jewelry For a Statement-Making Summer Wedding

In addition to selecting a dress design, choosing a centerpiece and practicing hairstyles, a bride also must take a few moments to consider her wedding jewelry. With most brides planning on walking down the aisle in the summertime, most tend to think opting for a minimalist look with regards to personal decoration is the right choice. However, electing to enhance the overall impression with one statement piece boasting a gorgeous gemstone or several is not only elegant and exciting, but it’s also a way to add one more memorable element to the proceedings. For brides who aren’t bashful and are definitely fashionable, here are a few statement-making gemstone items to consider.


Elegant Earrings


8534EM_6Obviously the hands should remain unadorned, but the ears are the perfect location for some dazzling jewelry. A pair of dangling gemstone earrings can instantly add sophistication to a bridal ensemble if the betrothed is wearing her hair swept up or pulled back. Try to choose a gemstone color that suits the palette of the wedding, and don’t worry if it’s not a spot-on match. Sometimes the best choice is a complementary tone. Think: purple and yellow, orange and blue, red and green. A pair of emerald drop earrings would look stunning next to a bouquet of classic red roses.


Powerful Pendant


8140CT_4_4_2_3_4A deep or unusual neckline begs for a sparkling gemstone suspended upon a chain. The same complementary shade suggestion applies here too, but a matching tone is just as lovely. Choose a necklace style that calls attention but doesn’t detract from the main event: the ring. Keep details to a minimum as much as possible, as they can create a “busy” impression. A cushion cut citrine pendant would reflect the sun’s rays on a gorgeous summer day and help bring out the color of the flowers, dress and groom’s delighted gaze.


Bold Bangle


7464saAny bride who truly desires to make a statement needs to forego the delicate necklaces and shimmering earrings, and instead opt for a glittering, traveling bangle bracelet with numerous gleaming gemstones set alongside classic Pave diamonds. Choose a piece of fine jewelry with the same staying power as the love that’s beginning on this magical day: vintage-style jewelry. An Art-Deco sapphire and diamond bangle bracelet is certainly eye-catching, but it also has a timeless quality that suits the proceedings.


It’s standard procedure for the bride to choose little to no additional ornamentation on the big day, but many women don’t care to be labeled “typical.” For the daring, adventurous and confident women of the world, a wedding is the ideal moment to show off style, grandeur and charm all at once. And what better way to do so than with stunning statement-making gemstone jewelry? Find more dynamic examples at Ziva Jewels.

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Expanding Your Fine Jewelry Collection With Vintage Cocktail Rings

Every piece of jewelry purchased is an opportunity to express one’s passion, and few items do that as elegantly and timelessly as vintage cocktail rings. More playful and ornate than typical engagement rings or anniversary rings, cocktail rings are worn on any finger except, generally, the left-hand ring finger. They’re worn as decoration, statement piece and luxury item, and they make the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Whether worn on a daily basis or brought out for special occasions, these following vintage cocktail rings will elevate any ensemble while increasing the charm of the wearer. Wise shoppers will opt for more than one.


Glamorous Rectangular Art Deco Ring


3482-sideThe purpose of cocktail jewelry is to grab attention, and this beautiful Art-Deco ring certainly does that. While most rings feature a rounded shape with a central stone, this beauty boasts a rectangular bar that’s subtly curved to fit the finger. Rather than a single stone, the Long Art-Deco Diamond Ring has three placed vertically along the design surrounded by dozens of Pave diamonds set into the gold slab. A geometric design further elevates the look. Not for the faint of heart, this show stopper is guaranteed to garner looks and envy.


Rounded Square Art Deco Ring


3371_1A gorgeous cocktail ring doesn’t have to have an odd shape in order to draw gazes toward it. Bold, dazzling and intricately fashioned, the Square Art-Deco Diamond Ring is the companion to the long version, but with a different but still distinctive appeal. The oversized square table tops the ring and demands attention. It features one stunning central stone in a bezel setting and a surrounding abundance of Pave diamonds making up a full carat. A similar geometric pattern adorns this ring like the last, and it looks classic in either white or yellow gold.

Luxuriously Curved Antique Ring


3461_2Details are everything when it comes to vintage cocktail rings, and this final suggestion never lacks for fine elements or high style. With a gently curved equilateral surface and a split shank embellished with Pave diamonds, this unique Antique Design Diamond Ring isn’t as flashy, perhaps, as the other two, but its slightly more sophisticated appearance complements a wide range of both events and outfits. The feminine, almost heart-shaped design is ladylike without being cloying, a perfect addition to any jewelry box.


No collection is complete without a few special vintage cocktail rings chosen for their dramatic appeal and timeless design. While engagements, weddings and anniversaries have laid claim to one finger, the other ones are due some sparkle of their own. Add these stunning examples, or choose similarly classic antique rings at Ziva Jewels.

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What’s Your Jewelry Personality: Finding a Style That Suits You

Most people select a piece of jewelry based upon its beauty, its design or the love of a certain gemstone. But fine jewelry, just like clothing, accessories and other purchases can reveal a lot about the buyer’s personality. Therefore, it makes sense to wear styles that best showcase how beautiful the owner is inside as well as out. With so many disparate personalities, it can be difficult to find the ideal piece of jewelry to represent one’s character, but it is possible to select an item that generally suggests a certain temperament or identity. Here are a few ideas of how to do just that.


The Athlete


8403-34_1_1Tough, ambitious and playful, athletes seek out adventure, so they need their accessories’ style to complement their fast-paced and sporty hobbies. The ideal piece of jewelry can withstand a great deal of activity, meaning they can’t be bulky, long or cumbersome. Lengthy necklaces, large-stone rings and dangling earrings are a poor choice, but modern and minimalist designs like bezel set rings and simple, elegant diamond stud earrings add sophistication without affecting mobility.


The Nature Lover


8140CT_4_4_2_3_4Someone who loves to spend time outdoors, breathing fresh air and soaking up sunshine appreciates the beauty of color. Though they do well to choose jewelry that’s somewhat minimalist in design as well, nature lovers also want to showcase their admiration for all the shades in the rainbow. For this type, a stunning gemstone pendant is the perfect accent to any outfit, or perhaps a delicate diamond and gemstone bangle bracelet.


The Boss


7466_5There is very little rest for the head of any department or company, but while responsibilities run high, the salary does too. Female bosses can splash out with a sparkling vintage bracelet that commands attention and respect, just like her policies do. A pair of dangling vintage yellow diamond earrings is unique, beautiful and impressive, the perfect addition to the power suit. There are a lot of perks that come with an executive position, and one of the best is enjoying a diverse array of gorgeous, high-quality gems that reveal one’s powerful place in society.


The Socialite


8424Y_6Chatty, warm and active, socialites love to mingle with others and enjoy life to the fullest, and they should show that joie de vivre in their fashion-forward style. That means plenty of eye-catching accessories, such as a long, flowing rose gold diamonds by the yard necklace in addition to a double halo diamond right hand ring. Layering fine jewelry creates a singular aesthetic that is both playful and striking, just like a socialite.


Choosing jewelry based on one’s personality is a great way to tailor a collection to suit an individual personality while also selecting items that work with a particular lifestyle, rather than simply adding a simple decorative touch. To discover more stunning examples of fine jewelry that befits a wide range of dispositions, check out the collection at Ziva Jewels.

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How to Add Vintage Touches to Your Wedding

The trend of incorporating rustic elements in a wedding is giving way to the elegant and classic tendency to add vintage touches instead. It’s understandable why many women would opt for antique details, as they have a sentimental and timeless feeling that complements the lasting love a marriage promises for two people. It’s neither difficult nor expensive to turn a regular wedding into a vintage one, so why not add a few, or several, special vintage details and make your big day even more memorable?


A Vintage Ring


2643e_1_3Get your antique-style wedding off to the right start by opting for a vintage engagement ring or wedding band. Not only is this style particularly popular at the moment, but it also has a unique look that will stand out from more modern designs. Many vintage rings are especially brilliant because they use several stones to create their recognizable appearance, adding small Pave diamonds and even fancy colored gems. The result is iconic and memorable without being overly flashy.


A Vintage Dress


8459_18Modern gowns are lovely, but nothing beats the timeless elegance of a vintage or vintage-inspired wedding dress. Feminine, delicate and dripping in lace, a vintage design makes you feel special, and emphasizes the drama of the big day in the best possible way. And just like with other styles, vintage dresses come in a wide assortment of silhouettes, so whether you prefer strapless or cap sleeves, A-line or empire, there is always something beautiful available.


A Vintage Tablescape


8501_4_4_2_3_4The wedding décor is often the most stressed over aspect of a wedding, despite all the many complicated elements. This is where your theme really comes through, and it offers the greatest temptation to nitpick on the part of the guests. Keep it classy and vintage by using lace, simple votive candles and aged paper to create an easy-to-do but gorgeous tablescape, and include simple bouquets of wildflowers or pale flowers for the centerpiece. Brightly colored flowers are beautiful, but they don’t suit as well.


Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a glamorous, vintage-style wedding since you were three years old, or maybe you just want to incorporate a few timeless touches to your ceremony. Whatever your style or plan, it’s easy to add a little or a lot of antique details and make your day of I dos beautiful, romantic and wish fulfilling. For more tips on adding vintage touches, check out more vintage ideas, or visit Ziva Jewels to browse an impressive selection of stunning engagement rings.

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5 Tricks For Discovering Your True Love’s Ring Style

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting process, but if you want to surprise your beloved with a ring and a proposal it can become an overwhelmingly stressful experience. Though it’s now more common for a couple to choose a ring together or discuss preferred styles in advance, there’s nothing quite like seeing the look of astonishment on a woman’s face when a man presents her unexpectedly with the ring of her dreams. If you love the romance of an unanticipated proposal, it’s essential that you choose a ring she’ll adore or risk seeing a look of disappointment on her face when she realizes she’ll be wearing a ring she dislikes forever. Here are five tricks for surreptitiously discovering her unique taste in rings.


Solicit Help From Friends


2840e_3_1A tried and true method of discerning her taste in rings is by enlisting the help of either her best friend or a close family member. Make sure you choose a person you can trust to keep a secret—there’s nothing worse than having a blabbermouth spill your intentions after all your hard work. Even when seeking advice from friends and loved ones, trust your gut if the advice sounds off. Even best friends can have the wrong idea about what a friend wants. First, ask the friend if your true love has ever confided what she wants in a diamond engagement ring, or if she’s basing her suggestions on your love’s perceived style.


Pay Attention to Little Hints


2759E_20Some women are so excited to get married they actually openly drop hints about the designs they adore. If your beloved has ever pointed out a ring on TV, in a magazine or on another hand that’s particularly entrancing you’re set. But even if she’s not leaving pictures of ideal rings littering the coffee table, you can find out her style just by noticing the little things. For instance, if a newly engaged friend shows off her ring your bride-to-be may gush over its beauty only to turn to you moments later and honestly critique it. Pay attention to her critique; you’ll suddenly know how she feels about vintage designs, yellow gold bands or three-stone settings.


Know Her Style


2884e_1_4-1If you’ve been together long enough to know she’s the one you’ve been together long enough to know her style, whether you realize it or not. Is she an easy-going tomboy with simple tastes and an active lifestyle? She’ll probably prefer something demure that doesn’t get in the way of her hobbies. Does she often wear silver jewelry with elaborate designs? You know to skip the yellow and rose gold bands and perhaps look at antique-style rings. Think about how she dresses and lives her life every day (not special occasions). You know more about her jewelry tastes than you may at first realize.


Ask Sneaky Questions


5340sa_1If you’re still uncertain about her taste after trying a couple ideas above, you can still resort to asking her some questions to ascertain her style, but you have to be careful. If a friend shows off a ring and she doesn’t comment to you about it, feel free to make a judgment yourself. You can remark about how it’s interesting that she has a fancy gemstone instead of a diamond, or you can ask if it’s popular to choose a bezel setting. She’ll answer your question and likely add her own position on the matter. No engaged friends? Tell your girl your buddy is trying to pick out a ring and his girlfriend has similar taste, what would she want? She’ll be delighted to help out.


Customize It


2882e_1You know her style, but you also want something that represents your style as a couple. You can combine your tastes and hers for a completely unique engagement ring only you two share. A customized ring also flatters your true love’s sense of individuality. She’s the only girl in the world for you, and this is the only ring in the world for her. By choosing a custom made ring, you can skip the search for the “perfect” ring and design your own based on what you know and have learned about your significant other.


Many women dream of the day they get engaged their whole lives, so you don’t want to disappoint your beloved with a ring that doesn’t live up to her imagination. That doesn’t mean you can’t surprise her with a ring you chose. Simply use these tricks to discover her ideal design, and bathe in the beauty of her joyous delight when you surprise her on bended knee.

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Attributes of Quality Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are currently some of the most popular styles on the market, and it comes as no surprise. These gorgeous rings have a unique shine thanks to their Pave diamond frame, they’re available on a diverse variety of diamond cuts and they have the appearance of a much larger stone. While many people adore the look of the halo, not all manufacturers are creating the same quality jewelry. It’s tempting to jump at the best offer, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to these stunning designs. Discover the singular attributes of quality halo engagement rings so you can own one that’s not only of exceptional beauty but also value.


Appearances Can Be Deceiving


2418e_4The four C’s are the established method of determining the quality of a diamond ring, whether it includes a halo frame or not, but not everyone is well versed on how to tell the difference between high quality and merely average. The truth is most flaws aren’t visible to the naked eye, so you must rely on the expertise of the jeweler. This is why it’s always recommended that the buyer request a GIA report, which will guarantee the gem is of a certain grade and level. Unfortunately, not all jewelers or jewelry businesses are honest, and they’re legally allowed to fudge the facts to a certain degree. Choosing a trustworthy shop is essential.


Not All Guarantees Are Equal


2786e_1-1A high quality halo engagement ring should last forever; that’s how the saying goes, right? Any shopper wants to know the ring that sits upon her finger can withstand everyday use and look just as beautiful 50 years down the road as the day it was slipped on her finger. While you can’t tell just by looking at it, a poorly designed setting can mean trouble down the line. Any savvy halo ring buyer will want to research the warranty that comes with the purchase. Will the shop fix any problems should they arise? Do they stand behind their craftsmanship? Seek out a lifetime warranty for the best assurance your ring is high quality.


Materials Matter


2453e_3There is more to halo engagement rings than the diamond and frame alone. The quality of metal used in the band is just as important as the quality of the diamond, and some manufacturers outsource their work to foreign countries that skip corners to inflate prices or offer an unusually low price. These shady tactics can result in lighter metal content, lower quality diamonds and unstable settings. Always ask where the jewelry is designed, sourced and manufactured. A brand that is proud of its detail-oriented methods will happily provide you with satisfactory answers. As with many items, made in America is best.


Buying a halo engagement ring is about more than finding the showiest diamond or the most impressive setting; it’s about the little details that make the ring special and long lasting. Ziva’s products are superior because they use the finest materials, sourced from ethical locations using the highest level of quality control standards in the business. Every product is designed to be unique, versatile, durable and comfortable. At Ziva, jewelry lasts a lifetime, just like the special occasions they represent.

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The Proposal: How to Make Her Say Yes With a Memorable Request

It used to be that a man could simply find a beautiful secluded spot, drop down on one knee and present his beloved with a stunning diamond ring. These days, proposals are getting much more dramatic, with choreographed flash mobs, YouTube videos and romantic pranks. While it’s not necessarily smart to prank your future spouse, a well-thought out and unique proposal can certainly help garner an enthusiastic acceptance from your true love. Stumped for ideas on how to ask for her hand? Here are some great ways to surprise her with a proposal she’s guaranteed to cherish for a lifetime.


Drawn to You


2792SAE_8If your darling adores romantic gestures that involve a hint of silliness or whimsy, what better way to delicately ask for her to be your wife than to surprise her with a hand drawn caricature of the two of you? This subtle yet special proposal is low on drama but big on intimacy and humor. Simply take your true love on a stroll in a park or nearby attraction that she likes that you also know to have caricature artists. It’s best to set up the plan in advance, so you can tell the artist to finish the picture with thought bubbles above each person. Your bubble should say, “Will you marry me?” and hers should say, “Yes.” Once she reads the question, drop to one knee holding a stunning diamond engagement ring.


A Trail of Hearts


2454e_6Intimacy and romance should be a part of any proposal, and if your paramour is particularly passionate, try engaging her in a game of follow the string. When your significant other is sleeping or away, attach a red velvet ribbon or red string to different spots in the house. Each location should include a hand written note (or a type written one in a lovely font if your handwriting leaves something to be desired) about a favorite memory you share. Feel free to include a flower or memento with each note. As she follows the string along, she’ll find you on bended knee at the end, holding the ring of her dreams.


High Flying Adored


2713e_1Many guys love to take their women on a fantastic vacation in order to propose in a beautiful location, and it’s a great idea. But if you want to keep the element of surprise, you should speak with airline staff and reserve an opportunity to use the PA system to propose. Don’t launch into the request immediately, and make sure you’re hidden from sight when you begin. Perhaps start by describing the weather where you’re headed (if it’s a beautiful tropical spot) and how it reminds you of a certain someone. As you eloquently describe your true love, emerge so she can see you speaking. Make sure you drop to one knee before presenting her with a one-of-a-kind vintage engagement ring.


No matter how you choose to pop the big question, make sure you seal the deal by offering a gorgeous ring that suits her style, whether that’s classic, modern or playful. Find a huge selection of engagement rings in every style at Ziva Jewels, and begin the rest of your life today.

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Jewelry Designer with Focus on Finest Quality and Design

Vintage jewelry designers are in high demand thanks to the resurgence in popularity of vintage-style engagement rings, necklaces and bracelets. From celebrities to the average Joe, everyone is exclaiming the virtues of these beautiful and timeless pieces. Finding the right vintage jewelry designers shouldn’t be a difficult process, but unfortunately some companies have unscrupulous practices. Finding a jewelry designer who can produce high quality items that not only pass the test of time but also the test of fashion fads should be anyone’s prime directive. Here are a few ways you can ensure your designer is offering you only the best from start to finish.


Custom and Collection


5413SAside_2The best jewelry designers will have a selection of jewelry items already produced that exemplify the styles from several eras, including Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco. Additionally, any proper designer should offer the buyer an opportunity to design his own ring, bracelet or necklace according to his tastes, in case there is nothing in the collection that suits his fancy, or if he has something particularly special in mind. Most people adore the notion of owning something truly unique, not another reproduction every girl is wearing. Ziva Jewels ensures its customers that not only can they find stunning pieces from their beautiful jewelry collection; they can also always order something singular.


The Best Materials


7952_4It should go without saying that an expensive piece of jewelry should use only the highest quality materials in its makeup, but some stores try to increase profits by utilizing inferior metals, gems or manpower. Fine jewelry is fine no longer without the best of the best, and it’s important to know from where they’re sourcing their goods. Though gemstones come from all over the world, the craftsmanship should happen at home. You can rely on the workers being highly trained and qualified if they’re crafting vintage jewelry in America. If you can find a “Made in the U.S.” claim, you can usually place more trust in the company.


An Ethical Stance


5410ruPerhaps the most important detail of any designer, though often the most overlooked, is the ethics it institutes with regards to running a high-end jewelry brand. Most people desire unique jewelry that is not only strikingly beautiful, but also from humane origins. Knowing that all individuals involved with mining and exporting the gemstones were treated and compensated fairly is a concern for us all. Beyond that, it’s essential that every piece of jewelry comes backed with a guarantee. At Ziva Jewels, you can rest assured your ideal ring will last forever with our lifetime warranty.


If you’re searching for the perfect vintage jewelry, whether you plan to design the piece yourself or select from a lovely array of options, you should take the time to vet the brand, individual or company from which you wish to purchase in order to ensure you return home with an item you’ll cherish forever. At Ziva Jewels, you don’t have to waste time with research. Know every purchase with us is guaranteed ethical, beautiful and singular, just the way you want it.

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What’s the Best Diamond Size For a Ring? 1, 2, 3 or 5 Carat

When it comes to diamonds, bigger isn’t always better, even though popular culture sometimes presents it that way. After all, when a celebrity gets engaged the first thing everyone wants to know is how large the diamond is. But when choosing your dream ring you may wonder if size is everything it’s cracked up to be. The reality is, the correct size depends on each couple, their needs, budget and, believe it or not, her hand size. Ultimately, the right size diamond is the one that makes you happy to look at it day after day. But for more specific advice, follow the guide below to help you determine the right diamond carat weight for you.


High Quality, Low Budget


RoundIf you don’t have an exorbitant amount of money to spend, there’s no reason for you to stretch your budget and try and attain some size goal that society says you should. There are plenty of 1 carat diamond rings that are absolutely stunning. Plus, with a smaller size you can have higher quality, and that matters even more than carat weight when it comes to an investment. Inexpensive but gorgeous rings are becoming more popular too. Vintage-style rings with multiple small stones are less expensive and no less beautiful.


Modest Budget, Big Impression


RadiantIf you have a little more room to negotiate, or your fiance’s finger size is more robust, it’s best to look for a 2 carat diamond ring. To save money, you can choose a design that’s just below two carats, which will reduce the cost dramatically with no noticeable reduction in size. If you prefer a larger stone still, you can reduce the quality of the clarity and opt for a 3 carat diamond ring. Both of these sizes are impressive enough for friends and family, and they’re available in many popular and unique styles.


Size Matters


Emerald_ImagePerhaps you or your sweetheart has certain expectations. Perhaps you or your husband-to-be enjoy a higher quality of life than average. Whether you have a sizable budget or a high bar for excellence, a 4 carat diamond ring will satisfy both issues and offer an eye-catching bauble no one can ignore to your collection. At this stage quality matters, so you should opt for a smaller, higher quality diamond if you have to compromise one way or another. Again, by going just under the 4 carat threshold, you can save money with no visible difference.


Fantasy Fulfilled


Oval_ImageOnce you’re looking at 5 carat diamond rings, it’s clear you and your betrothed are a couple of distinction. While a 5 carat sparkler is stunning alone on a thin band to emphasize the size, this larger stone also looks fabulous with a couple accent stones or an intricately engraved band. If you really want to impress, opt for an oval cut diamond, which naturally appears larger than other shapes. The result will shock and awe your audience.


Money is No Object


Pear_ImageFor some, the only question is style. If you adore the dramatic look of a 10 carat diamond ring and budget is a dirty word, there’s no reason to hold back. If you have particularly slim fingers, however, this may not be the best choice. An over sized diamond can be difficult to wear. On the other hand, even the fabulously famous and wealthy will be impressed with your choice. Large gems like this call for a modern setting, with accent stones or slim, Pave-diamond studded band. At this price point, flawless quality is essential. Demand the best, and accept nothing less.


Personal taste, finger size and budget all go into the decision of choosing a diamond for an engagement ring. If you have your eye on a certain carat weight, it’s always important to try on various sizes and styles to get a full understanding of what’s available before making a final decision. Remember: carat weight isn’t everything. Quality and style count as much or more in the final design. Find your ideal ring at Ziva Jewels, no matter the size.

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Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes: Round, Cushion Cut, Princess Cut and More

Engagement rings come with diamonds in many beautiful shapes, and most brides to be have a favorite style or two they cherish above all others. Though nearly every cut has enjoyed the spotlight at one time or another, there are a handful of particularly favored looks that remain popular year after year. Whether you prefer the classic brilliance of a round diamond or the alluring singularity of an Asscher cut, all diamond shapes have a unique beauty that will last for a lifetime. Discover facts about your ideal gemstone shapes below, and find one or two more reasons to love diamonds.


Cushion Cut


2844e_1_1Currently one of the most popular shapes for diamonds, cushion cut engagement rings have a modified round brilliant cut that’s elongated with rounded edges. It can be more rectangular in shape, with either a longer length or width depending on the setting, or more symmetrically square shaped. It’s known as a fancy cut and may be paired with accent stones or left alone on a simple thin band to emphasize its size and fire.


Princess Cut


2839e_3_1Featuring another fancy cut shape, princess cut engagement rings have proven popular with many celebrities, as they have an unusual appearance that stands out more than the typical round brilliant or other rounded stones. The princess cut stone has sharp edges and a square shape. It’s fierce and fiery, thanks to its modified round brilliant style. It’s particularly beautiful with a rose gold band.


Round Brilliant


2838e_3_1The most classic cut of all, round diamond engagement rings offer unparalleled shine and brilliance. Mathematically carved edges perfected over centuries give this style the greatest fire, and its rounded body flatters feminine fingers. The correct proportion will create a “hearts and arrows” effect when viewed from the top and bottom using a magnifying glass.


Oval Cut


2836e_1_3_1Rather similar to the cushion cut, oval cut engagement rings have rounded edges and a modified brilliant symmetry, but the edges are fully rounded and the shape is far more elongated than is generally found in cushion cut diamonds. As a result, oval cut diamonds tend to look larger than round brilliants while they boast nearly as much fire.


Emerald Cut


2840e_3_1The first truly distinctive diamond shape that is not a variation on the round brilliant is the emerald cut. Emerald cut engagement rings feature a stone with a unique stepped faceting style, which creates a hall of mirrors effect, rather than sparkle and fire. Confident women who enjoy attention are especially appreciative of the unusual shine and shape of this stone.


Radiant Cut


2843e_3_1Square shaped but not as edgy as the princess cut, radiant cut engagement rings have additional faceting that gives them a unique sparkle. The faceting continues from the crown onto the pavilion of the stone. The shape sits somewhere between a princess and a cushion cut, so the diamond pairs well with accent stones of various shapes.


Marquise Cut


2835e_3_1Essentially a diamond-shaped diamond, the marquise cut is sometimes referred to as “football shaped” and features sharp points at either end, with an elongated and smooth body in between. It can be worn lengthwise or width wise, but is generally paired with accent stones. Marquise cut engagement rings are often vintage-inspired in style, since the gem looks so fabulous with other stones, including colorful gemstones.


Pear Cut


2837e_3_1Pear-shaped engagement rings have the same versatility as the marquise cut; they can be worn with the point facing out or in, and they are often matched with accent stones. The pear cut combines the beauty of the two disparate styles of stones, sharp and rounded. The result is a confident yet feminine look that favors many women.


 Asscher Cut

2841e_3_1For those who love the shape of the emerald cut but desire the brilliance of a round diamond, Asscher cut engagement rings are the perfect compromise. Featuring the square shape of an emerald but the facets of the round brilliant, the outcome is stunning and distinctive. Celebrities have lately favored this style, but anyone can enjoy this gorgeous, old-fashioned look.


Regardless of whether you love the timeless sparkle of a round brilliant or the cutting edge radiance of the emerald cut, there is a diamond engagement ring perfect for you. Discover all of Ziva’s gorgeous ring styles online or in person today.

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Jewelry Stores You Can Shop With Confidence

One of the most difficult decisions when it comes to deciding where to shop for an engagement ring or fine jewelry piece is choosing the store you shop. Whether it’s concern about high-pressure sales tactics, inexpert salespeople or limited selection, many shops just don’t offer the peace of mind that most folks demand from such an important purchase. Fortunately, Ziva offers you several options to help you find the perfect situation for your needs. You should always be comfortable buying high-end jewelry. Here are just a few options Ziva provides to make your jewelry buying experience exceptional.


Shopping In Store


2778E_25Most jewelry store shopping experiences have a balance of good and bad. For instance, you can see all the items clearly, try them on individually and decide which style suits you best. You can also discuss your options with a knowledgeable salesperson. But the lack of extensive stock can make a purchase feel less than fulfilling, especially if you choose something because it’s close to what you like but not a spot-on match. Also, some jewelry stores have high-pressure salespeople who earn commission. Fortunately, Ziva offers buyers the option of going through their affiliated retailers. The selection is larger, the salespeople offer helpful, no-pressure advice and you still have that wonderful opportunity to try on every piece.


Shopping Online


8178_5Some people prefer the privacy of shopping online. You have your choice of a much larger selection of diamonds and gemstones, there are no stressful buying situations and the “store” is open 24 hours. But those benefits can also offer some drawbacks. There’s no one to help you answer questions or recommend styles, not all online shops are trustworthy, and you won’t know exactly what you’ve ordered until it arrives. Ziva makes jewelry shopping stress-free, even online. You can enjoy 24-hour access, complete privacy, a massive selection and you receive all the help you need through the contact form or phone number. You can also see the piece you fall in love with at one of the dozens of Ziva retailers nearby. Finally, our lifetime warranty ensures your purchase is exactly what you expect it to be.


Designing Your Own


8581_8Not everyone is satisfied with designer jewelry that’s a part of larger collection. For individuals desirous of unique jewelry that they alone wear, a custom option is the only choice. Some small jewelry designers have long wait times and fussy owners, but Ziva makes designing your own jewelry a special experience that’s fun and carefree. Whether you want something inspired by what’s available on the site or tailored to your whims, you’ll get the best jewelry in the world.


Don’t let buying an engagement ring, pendant or bracelet become a stressful experience. Shop a jewelry store you can trust, whether buying online, in store or designing from scratch by choosing Ziva Jewels.

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Diamond and Jewelry Buying: Online Versus Jewelry Store

There are countless places you can buy a gorgeous diamond or a stunning gemstone jewelry item, but they each generally have a selection of benefits and drawbacks. How do you know where to go for that special item you’ll cherish forever? In order to help you find the ideal engagement ring, pendant or bangle of your dreams, here are some of the common differences between buying online versus buying in store, and which, ultimately, is the best option for you. Peace of mind is essential when investing in jewelry; make sure you go home feeling happy and secure.


Buying In Store


7324_4Choosing to do your diamond buying in store is common practice. After all, you not only see the piece you’re interested in up close, you also hold it and speak with the salesperson about it, including any questions you have about technical aspects of jewelry buying. Most people don’t have an expert understanding about what clarity, carat, cut and color grading really mean. A knowledgeable salesperson can help illuminate some of the more complicated terms involved.


8380pOn the other hand, buying in person has a few drawbacks. For instance, salespeople have a notorious reputation for laying on pressure. Buying a diamond or gemstone shouldn’t be a stressful experience that leaves you feeling uncertain about what you just purchased. Also, jewelry stores have a limited selection by nature, even the giant “factory-direct” shops that advertise on the radio. What you see may not be all the options available on the market. You never want to find out after the fact that the design you truly desired was available somewhere you didn’t think to look.


 Buying Online


5436ru_3Growing in popularity all the time, many people are turning to the Internet to find their perfect ring, necklace or pair of earrings. It’s no wonder, when you realize that the online jewelry catalog has no limit, so a wide variety of products are nearly endless. You never have to wonder if another store has something a little closer to your fantasy style. Additionally, there are no high-pressure salespeople, and you enjoy complete privacy while you search through thousands of listings, taking your time to find that one special piece.


6306_3It sounds almost perfect, but not quite. Even online shopping has a disadvantage or two. There are no helpful, knowledgeable employees around to answer questions, and you can’t touch or try on your intended purchase, making gauging the size or style difficult. Finally, while there are many excellent online stores, there are always a few nefarious ones. How do you know the item you’re buying is legitimate? Jewelry is expensive, and you never want to be caught overspending on an item that doesn’t live up to expectations.


The Surefire Solution


8462_6From the above information you may think either option is a gamble, but there is another choice that has all the benefits and none of the downsides: Ziva Jewels. By combining the best experiences of online jewelry buying with that of in store shopping, every customer can find the perfect piece every time. Simply explore the website for the ideal pendant, bracelet, engagement ring or earring set and then choose Ziva’s unique “Try Before You Buy” option. You may see your jewelry in person, try it on and speak with a knowledgeable, no-pressure salesperson before committing to the purchase.


Ultimately, Ziva wants to make it easy and enjoyable to buy jewelry, whether it’s that once in a lifetime purchase, or simply an addition to a growing collection. Shop online or shop in jewelry stores with our fabulous new system that makes buying accessories truly fun again.

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Engagement Rings by Price: $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000

Buying an engagement ring is an exciting experience, and while the heart determines the design, the head should determine the budget. Engagement rings are expensive, and for good reason. The high quality materials, from diamond gemstones to gold bands, are meant to last a lifetime, so the expense is justified. That doesn’t mean everyone’s budget is the same, however. It helps to know that you can find a ring that satisfies all your years of dreaming and still comes in at an affordable price. Here are some of the most popular options within each common budget category to help you decide on a ring that’s thrilling but doesn’t leave you in the poor house.


Stunning at $5,000


2890eThough a $5000 engagement ring sits at the lower end of what many people pay, it doesn’t require sacrificing an ounce of beauty. A great way to make the most of this budget is to purchase a ring with several smaller stones. Fortunately, vintage rings are wildly popular, and they often feature smaller stones with more ornate designs.


2861saeBrides-to-be that favor a colorful style will love engagement rings with fancy gemstones, which are often less expensive than diamonds. Choose from ruby, sapphire, emerald or more esoteric options like pearl, tanzanite or peridot. Unique, richly colored and impressive, staying on budget never looked so lovely.


Brilliant at $10,000




Double the size of your purse, and you have more purchasing power, certainly, but there’s also the option of selecting highly decorative bands. $10,000 engagement rings may feature larger stones, but they can also have distinctive hand-engraved bands that are both subtle and entrancing.





Engravings aren’t the only way to spruce up the band, which is often overlooked. An eye-catching cathedral setting embellished with Pave set diamonds add sparkle to any engagement ring design, giving it the appearance of a far pricier ring.


Enviable at $15,000


2456ye-34A sizable budget grants the buyer plenty of freedom to invest in large diamonds, decorative bands and a unique design. $15,000 engagement rings should have very high quality stones, with few imperfections and fantastic clarity. One option for members of this elite club is fancy colored diamonds. These rare stones are more expensive and more eye-catching. Canary yellow diamonds are especially beautiful, with their striking golden hue that’s very flattering.


Unforgettable at $20,000




While there are certainly more expensive rings, $20,000 engagement rings should boast the best of everything, from decorative bands and Pave halos to colorful fancy diamonds of the best quality. For this price, you may also consider a unique, custom-made ring that showcases your singular love.


Buying an engagement ring should only be enjoyable and wish fulfilling, never fraught with stress or impoverishing. Deciding in advance your appropriate budget is essential. You should never worry that you can’t afford the ring of your dreams. Ziva makes gorgeous designs at every price point, so come with us and discover your ideal engagement ring.

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